P.K. Gives Thumbs Down To Offer

P.K. Subban and his agent have rejected the initial offer put forth by the Canadiens, which was, according to RDS, $2.75 million a year for two years ($5.5).

As Mike Boone at Hockey Inside/Out mentioned, it would put PK fourth-highest behind Andrei Markov ($5.75), Tomas Kaberle ($4.25), and Josh Gorges ($3.9), which just doesn’t seem fair considering the major role the young fellow has been placed in.

PK deserves a nice raise over the $875,000 he collected last year, and $2.75 million would indeed be a nice raise, although it’s not enough. Hopefully he and his agent will come back soon with a figure that’s not ridiculous, and one that makes everyone happy, including us. Maybe $3.5 million a year? Close to Gorges? Why not?

And doesn’t it burn your ass to be reminded that Tomas Kaberle is the second-highest defenceman on the team, being paid, but not earning, $4.25 million.



4 thoughts on “P.K. Gives Thumbs Down To Offer”

  1. If Boston were to try to get PK, I would love to see what the fans have to say. According to them he’s the worst thing EVER, so what would they say if this were to actually happen (which I doubt)?

    I still get a laugh when I remember how Jack Edwards slammed Pouliot and then the following season he’s on the Bruins. How does eating crow taste Jack?

    If I were PK I’d be insulted as well that Kaberle makes so much more. I can also imagine how the guys feel about Gomez as well.

    Is it October yet?

  2. Darth, they’re already confused about how to cheer for his brother and I think with PK there, it would short-circuit their brain cells completely.

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