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  1. Dennis, as you know I love PK and he definitely deserves to be at the All-Star Game. I think he will only be in the skills competition, but even so he is going to turn some heads and maybe even make some of the knuckleheads who keep putting him down realize what a great player he is.

    Last night’s loss was a bummer and it would have been really nice to beat the Flyers before the break. But it’s encouraging to note that we aren’t doing that badly overall.

    If you take a look at where we stand today after 50 games compared to last year we are on pace to finish in a much better (playoff) position.

    We are currently 27-18-05 for 59 points. That compares favourably to last season when we were 23-23-04 for 50 points.


    So, in spite of the letdown of losing to those stinking no-class but talented (they aren’t in first place for nothing) Flyers I still feel good about how things are unfolding thus far.

  2. Dennis, if my math is correct, if the Habs continue at this pace they should finish the season with a total of 97 points. And that might be good enough to finish in fourth or fifth place in the conference.

  3. Danno, if they can end with 97 points I think that’s excellent. The thing is, we still see some cracks. They need to be tougher in front of both nets, they have to hold leads, and they have to score more. I’m just a little mad at them right now for those three penalties.

  4. Danno, I believe even Flyers fans realize how great PK is and the future he has. They just don’t feel like admitting it. Like I say, in a few years he’ll be a first team all-star. And any fan of any team would love to have him.

  5. Dennis, while it’s true there are some cracks and even some gaping holes it seems the Habs have the ability to adjust and overcome setbacks. Remember, we are doing relatively well even though we are without Markov and Gorges.
    And I believe Pierre Gauthier will be making a move before the deadline which hopefully will go a long way to reposition the Habs as a serious contender for the cup. But we will need all hands on deck including the players who have not performed to their full potential up until now.

  6. And Danno, Brian Gionta is right up near the top of the list for not playing at full potential. Plekanec has been flying. I remember last week when one of the CBC guys (I don’t remember who) said Plekanec is good but is just a second-line guy. I disagree. His problem is he gets into slumps a few times a season. But when he’s on top of his game, he can fly and do damage. So I guess he’s still underrated. I seem to recall that Jason Arnott’s has been mentioned with the Canadiens but I just might be in an acid flashback or something with that one. Yesterday I walked ten feet from the couch to the computer and when I got there I forgot what I was writing and still haven’t remembered.

  7. I like Jason Arnott. It still bugs me that let what’s his name go a couple back. The big centreman? His name escapes me. It was the same year we had Tanguay. Anyways we had the big centre in him. He was productive until he did something to his achilles tendon. It was dumb to let him go, dumb to let Tanguay go, stupid to let Koivu go. Man, why does management make so many stupid choices. It will hearten you to know Matt D’Agostini has one point less than Gomez. I do admit Gauthier is our best GM since 1993. Gainey did ok but made the mistake of letting Carbo go.


  9. Habsrule, I so agree with you. Muller is the future, not Martin. The problem is, he doesn’t have any experience. But, I’d hate to see Muller go. I think he’s a good hockey man and a good person.

  10. Mayo, I know lots of folks who would disagree with you about Gauthier. Some feel he’s the worst. I wasn’t crazy about Tanguay, and I’m not crazy about Gomez. For me, the bottom line is, we’re not tough enough. I also feel one of Gauthier’s best moves was to grab The Wiz.

  11. well, gauthier is still early in his time but he is still better than gainey as gainey made some big blunders. Gauthier’s moves seem well thoughtout. The Halak deal is brilliant. Lapierre has little downside, and the other moves may be small but at least we moved forward. With Gainey it has always been one step forward and one step back. For years we have been in the same place. That to me is unacceptable. I did like gaineys committment to the team though. He got us this far and stepped aside. I’m not saying he was the problem. I think I would prefer gainey to gauthier but gainey had other obstacles in front of him. He likely had people he couldn’t work with. He lost his daughter which was heart-wrenching. I would prefer gainey being the GM or the coach when we hoist the cup. He’s part of the dynasty of the 70’s and 80’s.

  12. Your acid flashbacks are not to blame for the Jason Arnott buzz.
    There’s plenty of speculation since Pierre Gauthier was spotted along with a scout at last Sunday’s Devils’ game.

    Rumours abound and here’s one from Yahoo’s Scoop du Jour…


    Arnott is a big, rugged centre and he’s had some good seasons. But at 36, he’s no spring chicken. Here are his stats…


    Capgeek lists him at earning $4.5 million…


  13. Interesting, Danno. Although other teams seem to be interested also. There’s nothing like a big, rugged centre to stir my Stanley Cup thoughts. Also, a big, rugged winger and a big, rugged defenceman. Anyway.
    I hope they make a deal of this type. As much as Desharnais seems to be fitting in nicely, I just think the next guy in the sweater has to be tall enough to ride the roller coaster at the county fair.

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