P.K. For Weber

PK Weber

The Subbanator is now a Nashville Predator, and big Shea Weber becomes a Montreal Canadien.

A switching of star defencemen. A trade that’ll piss off a lot of Habs fans. And who said Marc Bergevin was afraid to do something big?

Weber’s a stud with a shot that makes goalies consider crocodile wrestling. P.K.’s got a cannon too, but not like Weber, who wins hardest shot competitions and blasts pucks that sometimes remind me of my shot when I played for the Orillia Byers Bulldozers midget all-stars.

Weber, at 6’4″ and 235 lbs, hurts when he hits, and P.K. (6′ 210) – not so much.

Weber’s 30 and PK 27, and while both are Canadian, Weber hails from Sicamous BC, a place surrounded by lakes, streams, birds singing, and tranquility, while PK is from Toronto, where Nazem Kadri and the Leafs slither.

It’s a trade that might see some Habs fans furious at management and even quit watching hockey because they loved PK so much. Of course they’ll get over it, but right now they want to punch somebody in the mouth.

They loved what PK brought to the city, his charisma and charm and humour, and of course his $10 million pledge to Montreal Children’s Hospital. They loved his flashiness and his fancy suits, and certainly his way with the microphone and camera. They didn’t love it when he circled with the puck and fell down, but that won’t be mentioned now.

Would they love it if they knew for sure that P.K.’s teammates were sick of his act, that maybe he just might have been hurting his team in different ways?

Would they mind it if they realized that a Shea Weber personality, the polar opposite of Subban, just might be what this team in turmoil needs, and maybe the fact that winning is more important than a charismatic fellow who was great for his community but rubbed certain people at his job site the wrong way?

Subban wasn’t completely loved and accepted by all Habs fans either, but over the next hours, days, and weeks, we’ll be hearing only from those who feel Bergevin and Geoff Molson should be tarred and feathered and their heads placed in a vice.

Whose camp am I in? I’m looking on the bright side, because who knows how this will all play out. It could be terrific, and I’m all for change.

I liked Subban, but the team sucked last year like it’s never sucked before. They’ve been a small bunch, they ranked middle of the pack in scoring, the power play was pathetic, and if Bergevin had basically sat pat I would’ve been more pissed than this.

Yes, they still need firepower up front, but this is a start. Maybe Weber can help with some of the problems just mentioned. I’m expecting him too.

We’ve got a star defenceman with great size and a mighty fine NHL and Olympic resume, and one who sometimes shoots pucks through the netting. I’m okay with this deal, although it cost a big time quality guy to get him.

Think of the fun we’ll have watching opposing players scatter when the Webernator winds up.



35 thoughts on “P.K. For Weber”

  1. Given time, this trade will look better. It’s not we gave up Christopher Higgins, Doug Janik, Ryan McDonagh and Pavel Valentenko for Scott Gomez, Tom Pyatt and Michael Busto…

  2. This management team and has ownership fooled. Hopefully fans stop buying Molson products so they get the message. I am very unhappy about this trade because Weber is older and has almost twice the miles as PK and we have this contract for “10” more years. I repeat “10” more years. Habs traded Chelios on same day years ago so this could be bad karma. I wish we had a Management team that had vision not a grinder mentality. Really hoping Arizona GM does well with his modern approach then maybe teams will get head out of sand a hire competent people. Weber is a good player but not for “10” more years with that cap hit. This is a lateral move today that will bite us in a few years for a long time to come. Could say so much more but……

  3. Dra, I don’t care about the ten year part. I’m more concerned about the upcoming season and few after that. People are calling it possibly the worst trade in Habs history. I find that ridiculous. A quality guy is coming our way, who captained Nashville and was a star on the Olympic team. His shot is out of this world and 30 isn’t old for a d-man. I didn’t see Subban dominating things, and I was ready for some big changes. Maybe PK’s teammates were too.

  4. At the end of the day…it is what it is!
    Yes..a lot of fans will be pissed off…but time will tell if it was a good deal or not…lots of cliches here I know.
    I think the major problem with the Habs is MB and MT…but unfortunately they are not players that can be traded or drafted….It’s the fans who fill the stands…buy $12 beers who must decide whether to support this team or not.
    I’m looking forward to the next season with reserved optimism….and look forward to Mr. Kane’s play by play review!

  5. It’s all the BS that has gone on for years now. Make him(PK) a better person, throw him under the bus on a mistake but don’t hold other players to the same standard, say you’re not looking to trade him and I’m so sick of it. You can trade a league top 5 defenseman but you can’t find the balls to fire a coach no one else would hire? This just reeks of how Therrien felt about PK, never liked him, didn’t appreciate what he brought to the team, and had no idea that he himself was the one who came up short in the better person department not PK.

  6. Hi Ed. They need some firepower up front so we’ll see. It’s a tougher team now with Shaw and Weber. And Weber should help the powerless play. One site called it the worst trade in Habs history. Jeez I hope Weber proves people wrong and helps this team that needs help. My play by play coming up in a few months, if I remember how to do them. I think I quit last season with several weeks left to go, but they were so shitty I didn’t have the energy.

  7. Horrendous move by Habs management for an over the hill Dman who was exposed badly last playoffs.
    On the other hand, Preds management is over the moon. PK alone will generate millions in dollars of income for the Preds.
    Think of all the new fans and interest in hockey.

  8. Dennis!

    You know, at first I was totally shocked… because I didn’t see it coming. Weber is also an elite D-man….. I guess one of the big positives I see is that he simply won’t take as many chances… and make less mistakes.

    Sure, he’s got a huge cannon of a shot, and he’s gonna score a few goals…. he doesn’t have as strong an upside on offence.. but I think the stronger D makes up for it.

    The first hour, I hated it…. now, not so much. I welcome change.

  9. So D-John it boils down to either the coach or PK and the coach won, which is shitty and I agree with you. But I also think Montreal got a big time defenceman who might (might) make a difference. We wait and see, but it’s entirely possible Weber might help the team in a big way.

  10. Hi Yves. Weber’s shot, size, and physical presence is a nice addition. Tons of people hate this trade, but I’m like you, I welcome change.

  11. I think it’s too soon to talk about pairings…etc.

    Let’s see how UFA goes and going through the Summer… obviously Mr Bergevin isn’t scared to make a big splash.

  12. I guess the bank job New Jersey pulled today hasn’t hit the news in Montreal…

    THAT is a bad deal

  13. I’m in the HATE IT category. Weber is past his prime, and he’s starting to show it. For the past 2 years he wasn’t even the Predators #1 defenceman. He’s living off of his reputation.

    Pittsburgh showed us what a good coach who lets an offensive that keeps pushing the play can do. Therrien and Bergevin are dinosaurs who want slow plodding defenceman who don’t take any risks. Dump it out, let someone chase it, and maybe get lucky.

    I hate to say it, but I almost wish I was a Leaf fan. At least they have something to look forward to.

  14. I don’t know about anyone else, but I don’t see enough Preds games to know if Weber is now past his prime. He still wins awards, was in running for the Norris, will be one of the key blue liners for Team Canada, and especially for d-men, 30 isn’t that old.

  15. Mike, yeah. Edmonton dealing Hall for a young defenceman seems a bit weird because Hall’s a stud. Wish Montreal would have landed him.

  16. I’m with you Chris, not the leaf fan part though! I remember someone, Mike Boone?, saying PK would still be around long after MT was gone and like an idiot I agreed! People are comparing this to when Chelios was traded and I don’t really remember, it was before the internet after all but Dennis how does the reaction to this trade compare to when the team traded Doug Harvey? And if there was a problem with Pacioretty it isn’t Subban that I would have traded.

  17. D-John, the uproar over this is amazing and quite fascinating. I guess I didn’t quite buy into the PK shtick like so many others. Back in the days of Harvey and gang, there was no real uproar. Just a lot of ink in The Hockey News. Of course, if they’d traded the Rocket the city might have been burned to the ground. It would have made the Richard Riot look like a disagreement in parliament. I’m hoping so much that Weber makes this team much better.

  18. Long time no see Dennis and I am in agreement with you about the trade.. And “Dra, I don’t care about the ten year part. I’m more concerned about the upcoming season and few after that. People are calling it possibly the worst trade in Habs history. I find that ridiculous. A quality guy is coming our way, who captained Nashville and was a star on the Olympic team. His shot is out of this world and 30 isn’t old for a d-man. I didn’t see Subban dominating things, and I was ready for some big changes. Maybe PK’s teammates were too.”

  19. I would have preferred trading Subban for Hall who is young and I think a much better value than Weber. Neither is worth as much as Subban, but Hall will be close for much longer. Bergevin went for Weber otherwise he would have opened up a massive hole in our defence, especially with Therrien thinking Markov can play #2 minutes.

    So what’s next? On Friday we extend Markov for another 3 years at $6M per?

  20. Don’t get me wrong, Weber is good, but he peaked before the Olympics and he’s started his decline. His stats may even improve this year since he’s moving from a #2D behind Josi to #1D ahead of Markov. If Bergevin wasn’t so desperate to dump Subban, he may have gotten Josi in return.

    This isn’t the worst trade in CH history, definitely not in Roy and Gomez category. It may be at Chelios level debacle as DJ mentioned. I don’t think that deal caused as much a fuss mostly because we got Francophone Savard, in return. We did end up winning the Stanley Cup with him on his last legs, but he wasn’t the key reason. If we had kept Chelios, we would have contended for many more Cups and maybe Demers wouldn’t have been fired leading the Roy trade…

  21. I like it a lot , thanks PK and good luck . Sadly getting rid of a cancer in the room makes people angry but may help our hallowed team in the long run.

  22. MB holds a grudge for a long time eh. Since Molson stepped in and forced him to sign PK he has been subtly trying to undermine and discredit him all the while saying all the right things publicly and staying a distance from him. I realize that he was forced to sign PK to a bridge deal due to prior management and cap issues after lockout but the management that comes after MB will have an issue with Weber’s contract. Pettiness and grudges are no way to run a business. Poile also had an issue with Weber so both teams are happy to be done with these guys. I only wish we had gotten someone with less term and in their prime. We lost this deal long term for sure and short term I am unsure. PK did so much for the Habs brand name and sales etc so now who will be that guy. People didn’t like Jeremy Roenick for his “personality” but he was a player no matter where he went and PK will be the same. Fans flocked to him here as they will in Nashville and life goes on but I personally feel this was a vendetta against him and now management and MT have won for now. The speed in the east will show Weber’s age and miles but hopefully it won’t be right away.

  23. whether or not i like it or hate it, this will not help the team’s problems in the long run. The problems have been there for years. Weber is going from a contender to a team that will not give him a chance at a Stanley Cup. It is years away and only if they completely have a change of philosophy about how to build a team.
    They are years away from the top 7 teams in the league. For the last 25 years they have built a team around small speedy players with little grit. No superstar mentality….it failed. And move away from the idea that one goalie will lead you to the promised land. I am not a fan of the trade.
    Though this might settle the problem of the problem of the player’s dislike of Subban’s lack of team spirit, it does not answer the problem the team’s on ice problems.

  24. DK, I’d heard the rumours that he was not very well liked by some of his teammates. When they drafted the kid from the Windsor Spitfires I then felt PK’s days were numbered. This kid who was in his rookie season was voted the best d-man in the OHL, most of the so called experts say he’s already NHL ready. He’s excels at both ends of the ice & quarterbacked there PP, not too shabby for a rookie! Yes we’ll miss PK but to me we have a better team now with Weber, Shaw & the new kid. PK was to my eyes a me, myself & I kind of guy and there’s no I in team. Only time will tell but I feel we picked up three quality players and got rid of one bad apple in the basket. Good trade off!!

  25. Maybe the rumors were started by MT and his staff about no one liking PK maybe they are true but if anyone has a memory many players did not like Guy Lafleur when they played with him either but for the greater good they kept quiet. By the way we now have our Big Z albatros contract with “10” more years of Weber and his cap hit that in the later years will feel like an anchor.

  26. If Weber was the same age as PK Habs would have won the trade ….Weber is a beast of a #1 Dman as his Team Canada appearances prove…Something behind the scenes had to be a real negative issue….

  27. Hey Mike, hopefully the kid develops fast. He looks like he could be a beauty. It seems now that it’s almost politically incorrect to dump on St. Subban, but I’m saying loud and clear that I was growing tired of him and I’ve never met him. Also politically incorrect – I feel a lot of his public stuff was an exaggerated performance and an act. He’s a fine defenceman but not fine enough to represent Canada. And if he was the Habs quarterback on the power play, then……..
    I don’t know, maybe I’m already sick of the season and it’s still months away. The uproar over this is mind blowing. Will we hear of suicides next?

  28. Everyone’s comments are outstanding, whether for or against this trade. I’m not able to reply to all and I apologize, but I have a baby and a part time job to tend to. But I’m in agreement with this trade and it doesn’t matter what I say anyway. Lastly, really really great to see your names here again after all these months. A ton of hockey knowledge always from you guys.

  29. Dennis, this was a very good trade for the Habs. Thank you, Marc Bergevin for finally making a trade worth while. The fans in Montreal will forget about P.K. soon enough. P.K was not a leader. He was flamboyant and all about P.K. that’s about all. The fans will fall in love with Weber and his hard shot and toughness. He won’t be pushed around.
    Now all Marc needs to do is get a top six forward and were in the playoffs again.
    Talk to you soon, Dennis. I’m excited for the season to start!

  30. I’m sure Weber will be a great surprise for us. I like P.K. and respect him for that donation but he made too many boo boos. The game between Predators and Habs at home will be interesting. I’ve got something in respect of our Habs and for a child. Gotta see you Dennis but no euchre game. Ha Ha. GO HABS GO!
    Mikey D 6042230131

  31. Dennis, love your writing style, your dry wit and your insights … but the PK trade is the WORST move the team has made since, well, ever.
    PK is and will be a dominating player for the next 7-10 years. Weber was not even the best dman on his team last year, and the Predators were absolutely delighted to unload his salary.

  32. Hi George. The Habs’ window to win the Cup with Price in nets is within the next five years, and so I don’t care if Weber’s contract is ten years. He’s big and tough with the hardest shot in the league. PK was almost certainly a bit a jerk in the room, and overall I think Montreal got the best of this deal. And their worst trade ever? C’mon. How about the Gomez trade. And the Patrick Roy trade. The team was going nowhere, they needed to be tougher, and Weber is big, tough, and talented. I never bought into Subban’s act, and yes, I believe much of what he did was an act. He’s a good player, and so is Weber. I’ll take a shakeup any day and am happy about this.

  33. I think the best part of this deal is the Carey factor. We finally have a leader who will kick the shit out of krieder if he runs price. Subban was a pussy when it came to protecting. I think the Shea factor window to win the cup is 3 years. Leadership. Finally. Max doesn’t have it. Should have traded max and did. They’re the cancers imo. I hate the trade for term but love the short term.

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