4 thoughts on “P.K. Chats With The Media”

  1. People can say this or that about PK, but he is a smart young man and knows exactly how to answer the tricky questions the Montreal media tries to trip him up with.

  2. DK, I would also like to thank Danno for this clip. I felt in some ways PK ate a bit of humble pie! This team excites me, up then down but no, I guess we blew this one, forge ahead and let the chips fall were they may. What a refreshing concept lost on Mr. Valium’s sit back and see what happens & we all know how that turned out!! Reminds me of the wave of relentless attack we saw back in the Bowman days! It’s fun to watch again & not cringe because we all knew JM’s mind set, sit back & try to hold on. I know as DK’s pointed out it’s early days but what a drastic change in mind set!!
    GO HABS GO!!!!!

  3. Good interview!!!!!With those misfits trying to Plant and Grow dirt I’m more confident the bench will continue it’s up-tempo game. A train wreck by Emelin, a butt cruncher by P.K.,White’s shoulder greeting,Prust feeding the BeeGees,Plecs getting a short-handed tally AND it’s only the first period. Better get Stomping Tom to write us a song.

  4. Those 3 Hab players that gave the cold shoulder interview is something I have never seen before as far as greeting a player back to the team…There must have been some bad feelings PK created last year in the dressing room….time for a heart to heart team meeting….

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