P.K. Blasts A Big One

P.K. Subban put the boys in the playoffs with an overtime power play goal, giving the team a 2-1 win over the Chicago Blackhawks, and suddenly, in the blink of an eye, the Canadiens have won three of their last four games and are picking up steam just when they should.

And sort of when we’d hoped. 

All of this after being shutout three games in a row and being bombed 6-2 in Carolina. Are these guys teasing us on purpose or what?

Chicago on this night outshot Montreal 43-35, but of course we have Carey Price, so go ahead enemy, fire at will. The Habs dare you.

It’s two more games left in the schedule with the Canadiens in Ottawa on Thursday and Toronto Saturday, and now it’s time to play “coach of the Canadiens.” Do you rest Price in one of the games, risk losing, and end up playing, say, Philadelphia in the first round, or do you carry on with gusto and retain 6th spot and meet Boston?

What are you going to do, Jacques?

Random Notes:

Oh, and about game details? I couldn’t watch it. This is full disclosure. I’m in full-tilt “meeting old friends from years ago” mode, and where my brother lives, the Habs aren’t shown. I followed Mike Boone’s blow-by-blow account at Hockey Inside/Out when I could, and although it wasn’t the magic of seeing it, I thank Mr. Boone for at least allowing me to keep up in a roundabout way.

I also thank my friends for being my friends. These guys are salt of the earth. Several Leafs fans but anyway.

More than ever I believe P.K. Subban should be the league’s top rookie. Why not, for gawd’s sakes?

Mike Cammalleri scored the other Habs marker.

9 thoughts on “P.K. Blasts A Big One”

  1. Hey Dennis,Well it would have been nice to see the whole game,as I was laying in the dentist chair till halfway through the second period,then jst as the freezing wore off P.K blasts off and what a shot it was,it looked like it was unloaded from a cannon.Carey made some remarkable stops,this is becoming usual now.Two points goes a long way,rest Price against the Leafs,play against the Sens.Enjoy whats left of your holidays Dennis.

  2. Woo hoo, we’re in with a 5 days to spare. Now we have to decide which team needs to practice their golf game the most.
    On the down side we let the Black Hawks get a point putting them one step closer to eliminating the Flames. I’m still looking forward to another Montreal/Calgary final.

    Oops, what happened to my name and email? Did you change something or is it on my end?

  3. It must be on your end, Christopher. I don’t see any change. And I’d like to see Calgary in too. Except their ice crew probably isn’t like Chicago’s.

  4. Danno, thanks for the clip and I’ve put it up. I truly love seeing PK and Price be silly. It’s so great.

  5. Thanks, Derry. The dentist – geez, that must have been fun. From now on I want you to schedule your dentist appointments before or after games. I don’t care if you’re in pain. You can’t be sitting in a chair with a mouthfull of tools when the Habs are on.

  6. Dennis,

    I don’t want to take too much of the credit away from the players, coaching staff etc. but it is important that I reveal this now.

    One day after the Carolina Collapse, my sister delivered unto my abode another tin of that Maple Syrup from Granby QC. Now I don’t have to remind you that the last tin ran out just before the Rancid Road Trip around Christmas.

    The evidence of strange invigorating powers is mounting up.

    Yes the system, yes Price, yes PK but oh very yes, magic maple syrup.

    Believe brothers and sisters.

    It does more than moisten your pancakes.

  7. Pancakes….

    Blue Bayou you must continue to moisten your pancakes with that wonderful maple syrup.

    Rearrange the letters in the word pancakes and what do you get?

    PK’s an ace

  8. Danno, PK MUST be rookie of the year. There’s no one like him. And he’s so important to his team.

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