12 thoughts on “P.K. And Price On The Team”

  1. Three thoughts on the Sochi team: 1) I almost would have preferred if PK had been left off the team, because then he would have been extra motivated for the rest of the season (to prove that he should have been on the team). 2) I absolutely don’t understand leaving Claude Giroux and Martin St. Louis off the team, but in putting Chris Kunitz and Rick “I have nine goals and nine assists so far this season!” Nash on it. 3) Leafs fans are apoplectic that Dion Phaneuf, a/k/a the most overrated defenseman in the league, was left off the team. In fact, Toronto is only sending two players to Sochi, both as part of the American team (JVR and Kessel). If Leafs fans are unhappy, that’s a bonus!

  2. In answer to my earlier question, eight Olympians hail from the Habs. Ahead of us are the Blackhawks, Wings and Blue, each with ten.

    So this says we’re a pretty good te, right?

    Ian, you’re not the only one dealing out about the team omitting St-Louis and Giroux in favor of Nash. I love Giroux and don’t get that let down. And Stamkos? We know he’s great but can he be a one-legged God in Sochi?

  3. iPhone screw up.. The above should read:

    Ian, you’re not the only one freaking out about the team…

    And “te” = team

  4. And here’s the “ultimate question”: Since I want Canada or the U.S. to win the Gold Medal, is there any way we can sneak Douglas Murray onto the Swedish team, as a form of Trojan Horse? 😀

  5. So when are the Slovenian good at hockey? Or a better question is if Slovenia, why not Croatia and Serbia?

  6. I saw just the other day, Marjo, that Kopitar will be the only NHLer on the team which is coached by his dad. I knew Slovenia was near Italy somewhere so I googled and it is and not far from Croatia and Serbia. I don’t think there’s much money there so maybe that’s the main reason. Or maybe there is money. I’m just guessing. The other question is, with Sweden such a hockey country, why isn’t Denmark more of a one?

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