P.K. And Gang Do Dallas

Those wild and wacky Montreal Canadiens. Just when we were mad at them, they go out and play a cool game (for the most part), find the back of the net a bunch of times, and skate away with a truly entertaining 6-4 win deep in the heart of Texas.

Of course we can’t forget that they almost blew it in the third period to the pesky Dallas Stars, giving up two quick ones after leading 4-2, and visions of a Carolina-like meltdown danced in our heads. Or mine at least. I shouldn’t speak for anyone else.

But Lars Eller soon after restored the lead, Max salted it away with an empty netter, and frankly, except for the brief coming apart at the seams in the third, I think the boys played their best game in over a month, even though they allowed four goals.

It makes my heart soar like a Chinese Rusty-cheeked Scimitar-Babbler.

P.K. Subban enjoyed some mighty fine moments, weaving and stickhandling, passing well and sometimes using his feet, capping it all with a goal and two assists and looking like the Norris Trophy winner we know and love.

Max tallied twice and added a couple of helpers. DD had two assists and found himself in alone more than once. Snakebit Brendan Gallagher came through with a goal and an assist.

Even Travis Moen was in the thick of things, assisting on Eller’s go ahead goal and pummeling Antoine Roussel earlier on.

Josh Gorges was a warrior in the trenches and in my mind is the team’s true captain. Carey Price was excellent for most of the night. Lars Eller was dangerous.

So many guys showed up. A few didn’t but tonight is not a night to quibble.

Maybe that fiasco in Carolina, blowing a 3-0 lead, woke the guys up and they’re going to play like gangbusters from here on in.

The power of positive thinking.

Random Notes:

Dallas outshot the Canadiens 32-28.

Unlike the Carolina game where they took ten penalties and sat back and tried to win by blocking shots, this time they took just three minor penalties (and gave up a penalty shot), and played fire-wagon hockey throughout.

We want more like tonight. Fun to watch. A nice amount of goals. Lots of chances. Maybe the coaching staff and the players will agree that this is good, this freewheeling business.

C’mon guys, do it again on Saturday when the Sens show up at the Bell.

8 thoughts on “P.K. And Gang Do Dallas”

  1. If anyone had told me that the Habs would pop in six goals against a good defensive team in the Stars, I would have laughed at them.

  2. Didn’t see the game– and they play good game! Folks I will NEVER watch a game again IF the boys put on a show like Dennis seen last night. It will be a GOOD trade for Habs Fans!! My thrill will be listening to the Chinese Rusty Cheeked Schimitar-Babbler give us a game review!! Can’t imagine what awaits us when someone gets the overtime 1-0 goal of game seven to initiate THE PARADE!!!You’ll lose your voice.–but I’ll come to Montreal to give you a great big hug. Glad for ALL Hab fans this morning, but special happy for you Dennis !! You toil thru the season banging on the keyboard faithfully each day–some in despair, some in disgust, some in flikkering hope and today as happy as a pig in a crab apple orchard. Happy WHOLE Year everyone. Maybe our freewheeling P.K. is back!!

  3. Hey Dennis, You don’t have to tell me twice about the game the PK’ER had,this guy was all over the ice last nite. I thought maybe they decide for him to stay on the ice all night as he was always there when some big play came about.Impressive game , impressive win..love to see this

  4. Things are really looking up. The Habs haven’t lost a game all year!

    If PK doesn’t go to Sochi, it will be an outrage.

  5. Peter, you come to Montreal and I’ll show you the sights. We might get lost several times but I’ll make sure we have fun.

  6. Ian, we never know what to expect from these guys. One thing’s for sure, when they open it up a bit, they play better and can be an exciting team. We they play conservatively, it’s a big honkin yawner. Like in December.

  7. DK, I hope they don’t delude themselves into thinking that this was a good road trip as their coach said. Out of a possible twelve points they came home with seven, great but it’s how the gained those points that is a concern. Loss to the Blues,OT Win Nashville , S/O Win Tampa, Loss to Panthers, OT Loss to the Hurricanes, & scratched out really a five to four Win in Dallas. I’m not including Max’s e/net. No way it should have come down to this record as we frittered away what should have been insurmountable leads on to many nights! I agree the effort level in Dallas was much improved but once again it should never have gotten to the point where we really needed Lar’s goal to win. My hope is this trend does not continue for an extended period because as we all know, the cards don’t always fall in your favour!
    GO HABS GO crush the condoms from our Nations capital.

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