P.K. And Canadiens Kiss

I never attempted to weigh in here or anywhere else regarding the P.K. Subban and his team’s on and off romance and money game, mainly because it was pure guesswork and speculation from the start and I hate guessing and speculating.

I don’t find it fun, it doesn’t help my ulcers, and I’m usually wrong. I’ve also been on this terrific hiatus where not once have I wanted to throw my computer out the window.

I’m not finished with my hiatus either, but the P.K. story has been quite a thing for all concerned, and I felt drawn in.

Everywhere I looked (and I was paying strict attention all along), Marc Bergevin was apparently a misguided bastard. P.K. and his agent Don Meehan were asking too much. The Canadiens didn’t respect P.K. They should pay him whatever he wants. Don’t pay him whatever he wants. Five million. 8.5 million. Long term, Short term. Arbitration. P.K.’s a hot dog. P.K. makes mistakes on the ice. P.K.’s the best thing to happen since Guy Lafleur. P.K this, P.K. that. Even him going to the Leafs was discussed.

It’s all been said and figured out, and yet, when he finally did sign on the dotted line, the figure and term, $9 million for eight years, surprised everyone, even though every angle was completely covered up until then by Habs experts in all four corners of the earth.

It’s quite a sport. Not hockey, the art of getting wound up into a frenzy. The art of thinking the answers are there when they’re not. The art of being smarter than the GM who seems to have done a nice job so far.

Even now some are finding fault with the deal, although if it had fallen flat, they’d be screaming blue murder.

When the papers were signed and the news announced, fans, including me, breathed a sigh of relief, and almost like it never really had anyone’s shorts in a knot at any time, it now becomes quickly forgotten and we move on to the next paramount Habs-related issue.

Whatever it is. (Please don’t change the look of the sweater).

I wasn’t upset at Marc Bergevin and his gang for letting this thing go the distance, only confused. And when it got done, I wasn’t surprised, except for the fact it’s very much a generous offer from the team that supposedly still has issues with parts of P.K.’s game.

I stayed out of it because I’m no contract/cap/term expert. I’m just a longtime fan, waiting impatiently for another Stanley Cup, and for a bonafide superstar to don the CH once again.

And when I say bonafide superstar, I mean bonafide. Not a darn good star. Not a big star – a huge star. One that rarely comes along. The Canadiens were once upon a time blessed with so many, but not anymore. Maybe P.K. can be this kind of player. He’s shown us that it’s a possibility, but he’s not there yet.

I want my team to be king of the hill, top of the heap, as all Habs fans do. And I think the team will be. My faith never waivers. Even when they suck. Even when Scott Gomez moved the puck up the ice and then lost it.

Okay, maybe then.

I also carried a strong belief in Marc Bergevin’s methods during this P.K. process, although I didn’t understand a great deal and scratched my head more than once. But that might only be head lice.

Now we move on. How about a bit more toughness up front?


23 thoughts on “P.K. And Canadiens Kiss”

  1. Summer is too short, Dennis. Now we can bask in it and await the fresh sheet of ice come September.

  2. Thank you, Danno. It felt good. I won’t be doing it every single day but I’ll be doing it. I’m happy.

  3. Hey – Its great to see you back, Dennis ! šŸ™‚
    … I think PK was lucky to get 9 million per in the new 8-yr deal

    All the best,

  4. Thanks Travis. I think he was lucky too. I find it a tad weird – Eller signed for more than he was asking, and now this, which also seems to be more than asked for. It’s a great contract for PK. All he has to do now is get better and better.

  5. He can do it, Mike, but he had a dismal series against the Rangers when we really needed him. I think he has to blast away more often.

  6. PK signs, Dennis writes again, the stars may be aligning! Cup 25 could be next! In all seriousness I too was confused by this whole thing, relieved when I read that he had signed but would love to know how this came to be when it seemed so impossible. Did Molson step in and say get it done? Did PK give up more of his FA years than he originally wanted to? I’ll probably never know and that’s okay because I get to watch him play for my team for a long time. Glad you’re feeling better Dennis. Hope you enjoy the rest of the summer.

  7. Wow, the day gets even better, first PK signs long term and then DK is back from hiatus, even if only for the day. It’s a long summer, I’ll take whatever I can get. I hope Dennis it’s going well and you’re getting the necessary respite.

    I’m with DJ, I really wish I knew what happened. Yesterday I had accepted there would be a 1 year arbitration settlement of about $8M and we’d go through this again next year or even worse, he’d be traded.

  8. What a day it is!!!!!!! D.K. and P.K. are back in town!!!!!!!The business side of hockey sucks of greed. But oh the thrill of watching the CH put on a show any given nite—–!The” human” side of my hockey world took a turn for GOOD with the entry from Dennis. No pressure on you Dennis,but one entry from you is better than a summer of the other media . Take your time, take your time, take your time!!!!! I’m thankfull your this well for now.

  9. Good to see you back in the saddle Dennis. Wondered what your thoughts had been on the PK situation. Take care of yourself and look forward to your return in the fall. Enjoy the rest of the summer.
    Take er easy!!!!

  10. D.K. Wow just when I thought I wouldn’t ever hear from you again ,you have returned in better form. Welcome back buddy , hope all is well with you and Luci. The P.K. incident was hard to understand, never thought that they would let him go elsewhere though. Speaking of going elsewhere, I retire at the end of the month and moving back to Gold River, I’m going to miss the snow eh. Take care Dennis, great to hear from you once again.

  11. Hi Jim. Great to hear from you and I hope you and Heather are doing well. I’ve been to Ottawa a few times lately and I don’t know how you put up with that that construction near St. Laurent. It never seems to get better. Summer’s been really good but now it’s time for the hockey season to get going so the Habs can show the rest of the Eastern Conference how the game is meant to be played.

  12. Hi Derry. Thanks. I thought you were already retired but now’s as good a time as any. One question though – even though the Gold River area is beautiful, won’t you get slightly bored?

  13. Glad your back if only for a moment. Like your perspective and humor on things. I think that M/B has been fine on things but this is an ever changing world of finances and PK got the money. I think some people forgot the cap issues we had 2 years ago when PK signed his bridge contract so they knew he would be more expensive. I hope he does as always when faced with a challenge and that is like cream he rises to the top.

  14. Thanks Dra. Having P.K. wrapped up for 8 years is a big piece of the big plan to make this team a serious contender. A talented power forward would be nice, and a basically injury-free season for the core guys. The other thing too is, I read that Price thinks but doesn’t know completely that his playoff injury is now 100% so we’ll see about that.
    Like all of us, I’m hoping for a huge season from our team.

  15. Hey Dennis, I can’t see my self getting bored, have to take up the time I spend shoveling snow doing other things.

  16. Hi Dennis – great to see you back again!! Hope you had a nice and restful summer break! Cheers, Googaly

  17. Googaly, thanks. Very soon I’m coming back on a semi-regular basis. The new difference will be it just won’t be every day like before.

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