Owner Ted Leonsis Shows Real Class

This is from Caps owner Ted Leonsis’ blog – http://www.tedstake.com/, and it shows just what kind of a gentleman he is. (Sent over from Danno. Thanks, Danno).

Congratulations to Montreal

We lost. But Montreal won. They deserve respect and congratulations for a well played series.

They played committed hockey, they sacrificed, and they out worked us. I have never seen better D and more blocked shots in a playoff series. I think they blocked as many shots as we took last night. Another stat I had never seen before.

Their goal tending ended up being better than our goal tending.

They played a defensive scheme that was very frustrating. They used their match ups deftly. They were more patient than us. They were more committed to their scheme. Be patient– trap– transition to offense off of turn over’s score on power plays. Play low scoring games. We scored 3 goals in the last 3 games on more than 130 plus shots. That is just not going to get it done.

They took advantage of breaks and they scored on their power play opportunities. We didn’t.

They played committed team defense. They took our stars out of play all series. I believe our hockey IQ seemed low this series and we didn’t adjust well on the ice to the new schemes coming our way.

Live by the O and die by the O. We were horrid on the special teams. When you score more goals shorthanded than with a man advantage in a 7 game series how can you expect to win? To me this was the biggest surprise and disappointment. We just couldn’t score on the man or two man advantage thus we didn’t deserve to win. And our second line didn’t contribute to us the way they did during the regular season.

We had a goal scored called back. We weren’t mentally tough enough to overcome that and capitalize right away on the momentum that a visual of a goal in the net provided us.

Montreal deserved the victory last night. They beat us three games out of four at home in front of our rabid fans.

Congratulations to the Montreal franchise. They move on and we stay home and answer questions and do some serious soul searching. But the better team won fair and square

6 thoughts on “Owner Ted Leonsis Shows Real Class”

  1. Thanks Danno. I registered. I thought it might come in handy sometime. And the stories today are extremely interesting. They’re a disappointed bunch down there. But it could’ve been us so I don’t feel badly for them.

  2. hey… you would think that Washington, of all places… should be used to and able to deal with this kind of disappointment…just maybe not hockey so much…
    Danno, you sure do a great job of keeping us West Coasters informed. Thankyou.

  3. Good to hear it from the horse’s mouth and not Ovie’s mouth. owner is a classy guy and I respect that. Caps are in good hands into the future.

  4. That’s for that information Dennis. They’ll learn from this experience and be tougher in the coming years. I have to admire someone who is refreshingly honest and brutual in the assessment of both teams.

    Well done.

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