Overtime Blues

A great game, fast, hard, and exciting. A wonderful example of how a contest with no goals scored can be a thing of beauty.

No goals in three periods. Great to watch. Hard on the nerves. And then horrifically, the Bruins ended it early in the first overtime period, and instead of the series being a 3-1 Habs stranglehold, it’s now tied at two apiece.

And for those who said the winner of this game will move on, and I heard it more than once today, you have no idea. That sort of thing was also said after the Bruins had clawed back in the third period of game two.

That kind of talk drives me crazy because you just don’t know and why say it? Why predict such a gloomy ending? I feel some Habs fans are hoping they lose for some weird and distorted reason and it’s hard to understand.

The series is tied. The Habs have not lost the series, in case anyone needs reminding.

What a hard-fought, hard hitting, fast, back and forth, tough contest this turned out to be. A classic playoff game. A game at its finest. No goonery, no craziness, no lulls. No goals and it didn’t matter.

If only the good had prevailed over the bad. It was all that was missing.

It’s Saturday in Boston and then Monday at the Bell for games five and six. What a series this is.

Random Notes:

Shots on goal, Boston 35, Montreal 33.

Price and Rask were both solid as the Rock of Gibraltar. And for me personally, it was once again the Eller, Gionta, Bourque line who skated the most miles. Although Michael Bournival was flying and had several big shots on Rask.

Boston outhit the Canadiens 40-32 but Douglas Murray and PK smashed the enemy a handful of times.

The Canadiens edged the Bruins in faceoff wins 38-36, which is truly an important stat. And Montreal blocked 20 shots to Boston’s 12.

Everyone played well, all the way through the lineup. Although we need more on the board from some of our regular sharpshooters.

Right now, it’s the Eller line, the fourth line, and Bournival giving the most bang for the buck. If some of the quiet guys can break out, preferably at the same time, Boston will be a heap of trouble.

Have a great Friday. The series is not over.




28 thoughts on “Overtime Blues”

  1. What a heartbreaker. The bruins aren’t hitting the way they usually hit. We will till win. We are as good as the bruins and they know it. Although I love how Murray plays and hits, I think we need to put Tinordi in his place. Or Bouillion back in. Briere needs to sit as well and put Ryan White in. When we outhit them we play better. Briere is invisible. DD and Patches need to wake up. Their team needs them and they’re letting us down.

    At least we start at a normal tim and not these stupid morning games. What a joke it is to play in Boston.

  2. It was a tough one for sure to see go by.. but . I ain’t worried its only 2 all! shit. Hockey’s had moments like these since immemorial. It would’ve been nice had they done other…. Got close a few times, but no luck.And I will never be a nay-sayer when it comes to this team. The razzle-dazzle critics can all go take a effing walk! hahahha. Kane you’re a fine writer and you speak to the matter at hand well, especially the feelings about the game, and you always demonstrate tact : ‘Although we need more on the board from some of our regular sharpshooters..’ That’s what the team needs from us and from everyone. It ain’t over yet people. I am sure the coach, who I have no doubts about, is going to do that the best way he knows how. One does not bludgeon this team into victory, not from where I sit. Goodnight.

  3. Obviously wrong team got the goal, it used to be deflating for our boys AND fans. I sense a different response these playoffs—the boys are confident and seem to have a purpose beyond “just surviving”. They seem to be out to prove a point, and for me they’re proving it—-we can play with the best of ’em !!! Now Dennis you may be shocked at my confidence level BUT I did take to heart some comments on this site in regards to that . It makes it easier to stay in the room during overtime!!! The cbc guys even referred to the Habs hitting tendencies last night. So we’re tied at 2 instead of a 4 game humiliation which MANY predicted—not on this site, but in the hockey world— and we seeing some good hockey. P.K. says there’s nothing like “game 7” We got 3 chances to win 2 games. The boys have the ultimate motivation factor on their side——they’re playing the Bruins!!!! Loving the energy the guys ere showing us.


  4. Yes they can Danno!!!

    Not sure why they’re (Bruins) calling Fraser their unsung hero…my grandmother could have swiped it in with her cane.

    We are in their heads. This is good stuff. We are tied with the best team in the league –best only because stats say so– both teams each have 11 goals. Our boys are playing so confidently. It feels so good to watch a game for two hours without clinging to a pillow.

    That Bournival kid I like a lot. I sure wish one of his shots went in. On Saturday I say he scores. Ain’t over yet. It’s a whole new series. GO my gorgeous HABS men GO!!!!!

  5. Habs will win because we are better than they are… I haven’t seen anything to change my mind in these playoffs!

  6. Marjo, Bournival’s gonna be a beauty and has already nicely started his journey. We’re lucky to have him. And about your “Yes they can Danno” I ditto your ditto.

  7. Great comment Peter. Can’t add to that. I’m not feeling down about the loss. It would’ve been fantastic but it is what is and we’ll just move on and wait for Saturday.

  8. William, I’m loving the vibes from you guys. It was tough but we’re in a dogfight and we have to team to get it done. I even sensed respect for the Habs from the TV talking heads. Shocking. Although I hear Pierre McGuire was an idiot on NBC and wants to bed the Bruins.

  9. Mayo, I like your “White for Briere” but it was Briere who sent that lovely pass to Weise in game three, and I don’t always trust White to stay out of the box. Tinordi might be a fine addition, but Murray is hurting guys with clean hits which is good. And absolutely, DD and Max need to step it up. All hands on deck.

  10. DK, it was a great game back & forth all night with two goalies at their best. I just had a feeling it was going to be a fluky goal by either team to win it & it was! The puck defied physics & bounced back in reverse & that was all she wrote. HABS in SIX!!

  11. Dennis, a lot of folks are complaining about Murray. I for one wasn’t sold on him because of his clumsy skating however as we all know his toughness is greatly appreciated against a tough team like Boston. Did you see that triple check?? First Bergeron then Smith, I think, then back to Bergeron. I would not dump our loss on the fact that he was on in OT, the puck got lost, period.

    Then there’s the 1st line that’s getting a lot of heat. Rightly so in a sense as they brought us to where we are today, however, the B’s are doing a terrific job of shutting them down. Similarly to when we shut down Stamkos or when Pleky used to shut down Crosby– not that our 1st line compares to these two guys, but you know what I mean. And, I have to say, Patches seems like he’s playing scared, not his usual self. All of that transferred to Bourque. Did you see him crash the net last night? Imagine if that puck went in? What a beauty! Inches away…

  12. I am glad everyone likes Murray. I seen the triple hit. If every player on our team played like that, we’d be waiting for winner of Pit/Rangers. Murray WANTS to play. Too bad he wasn’t just a touch faster. You know, it may be better that he does play. He brings intangibles as well as bone-crushing. I just hope he destroys thornton again and old man iginla. We need to sit briere tho. Odd I don’t have too many complaints. I guess the boys are really playing well. I’m happy with this 2-2 tie. The bruins are nervous. Their fans will be as well and rask will suck again at TD Garden. Fraser will ne irrelevant on Saturday. Just another minor leaguer.

  13. Marjo, your comment is awesome. And of course Murray isn’t a good skater and puck handler. He’s there to show brute strength on a team that doesn’t have an overabundance of, and he’s been doing it in spades since he laced them up in the postseason. I wouldn’t change him for anyone right now, although I’ve thought that if Tinordi could handle the intense pressure that the playoffs bring, then great. But I don’t. I personally feel Tinordi’s another season away from winning a job. Same as Beaulieu. These are future blueline mainstays. It’s just not time yet. Murray has made Bruins skaters think long and hard when they’re entering Montreal’s end and hanging around the crease. I don’t care if he’s lacking in other areas. He adds a dimension we don’t have unless Emelin is thumping. And Emelin isn’t the brute Murray is, although he’s tough in his own right. Murray is the one guy who can go toe to toe with Milan Lucic. In general. right now, I want Murray in the lineup.

  14. All good points about Douglas Murray, but remember Boston gets the last line change tomorrow on home ice.

  15. What’s this about Boston getting the last line change? This is so confusing to me.

  16. I’d still rather see Tinordi than Murray. I agree it’s a bit risky since Tinordi has played so little in the NHL so far. Which brings us back to my (our) season long complaint, why wasn’t he and Beaulieu playing all season getting the necessary experience so that we wouldn’t be relying on Murray and Bouillon now?

  17. Margo, the home team gets to decide which players should take a face-off after the visiting team has made their decision. It gives them an advantage since if they see a slow defenceman like Murray on the ice, they can put out their faster, more skilled players to exploit his vulnerability. To respond the visiting team must wait for the play to start and then make sure the puck isn’t in their own end.

  18. Chris, the home team can make this decision at every face-off of the game? When you say “…visiting team must wait for the play to start and then make sure the puck isn’t in their own end.”, do you mean to make changes to the lineup to match what the home team put out? What stress for a coach! Ok, during that infamous match between the Flames and the Canucks, when Torta went ballistic, I’m guessing the game was played in Calgary when Hartley sent out his fourth line at the start of the game?

  19. Marjo, that game was in Vancouver, and because Calgary had sent out their thugs to start the game, Torts had to get his skilled players off and reply with thugs of his own, because he knew that Hartley had done that to start trouble. Torts was able to do this because he had the last change. The lineups are set before the game, but line matchups are what the strategy is all about. Sometimes they want checkers against skilled, and sometimes they decide to fight fire with fire.

  20. Thanks Dennis. But then why was Torts mad if he has home advantage and got to make the necessary change?

  21. Torts was mad because he thought Hartley was trying to go after the Sedins so he was forced to go with tough guys. He was upset at Hartley’s tactics. But having said that, we also know Torts is a supreme hothead.

  22. And what’s wrong with going after a certain player? Don’t they do it all the time? It reminds me of when I was playing street baseball at 10 yrs old with my brothers and his friends. I pitched the ball and struck a kid out. He slammed his bat on the pavement and said, no fair, you meant to strike me out.

  23. What made that Calgary / Vancouver starting face-off so obviously an attempt to have a fight was that Calgary sent a defenceman to take the face-off. It’s as if they didn’t care to win the puck and play. The NHL doesn’t want to go back to the days of “I went to a fight and a hockey game broke out”.

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