Ovechkin Said It. But I’m Sure He Didn’t Mean Toronto, Ottawa, Or Any Of The Western Teams

“I’d really like to play in a Canadian city,” said Alex Ovechkin, “but right now Washington is my favourite.”  That’s what I heard when he was given the Hart Trophy at the 2009 NHL Awards show in Las Vegas. I’m sure I heard that.

Or did he say, “I really like playing in Canadian cities?” But it’s the same thing, right?

I’m sure he wants to be a Hab. It’s written all over him.


11 thoughts on “Ovechkin Said It. But I’m Sure He Didn’t Mean Toronto, Ottawa, Or Any Of The Western Teams”

  1. I heard “I like to play in Canadien city” and then a tactful way of saying he’s currently stuck in Washington.

  2. That’s what I got. Because of the language problem, he wanted to say “I’d like to” but instead just said “I like to.” We could trade Ryan O’Byrne for him!

  3. He would go absolutely crazy here. Like how Kovy plays the crowd, but 10-times crazier. And weeeeell we do have his buddy Markov~!
    (Though on a serious side, his contract makes Vince’s look like an entry-level contract).

  4. Oh boy….

    Alex sure does look good in that (slightly photoshoped) pic!

    Ovechkin in Montreal…. sounds like a dream. A good dream…. but a dream.

    (Hey Dennis, I’m still willing to throw in $100 or so if you’re still wanting to make a pitch for the Habs….)


  5. Right on. There’s another hundred. That makes two hundred. I’m gonna send the bid in and just say we’ll pay the bills the day after ticket and beer sales. Thanks!

  6. If only he would play with more of a mean streak. He’s got the size and that’s how he’s going to be effective. But so far his NHL career hasn’t gone well. Too many mistakes, not enough meanness.

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