Ovechkin Needs A Hollywood Agent

I’m not all that concerned about Alex Ovechkin’s theatrics after he scored his fiftieth. His ‘laying his stick on the ice and pretending it was too hot to pick up’ have people talking. And almost half of fans polled say they don’t like it.

I suppose Ovechkin’s antics were a little silly, but nothing to get in an uproar about because Ovechkin can get a little over the top sometimes. He’s a theatrical guy. And silly as he may be sometimes, at least he gets people smiling. Was it any different from the way Tiger Williams would celebrate by gliding with his sticks between his legs, or Theoren Fleury waving madly as he slid about forty feet across the ice on his knees?

I’m not crazy about showboating in general but I think we should cut Ovechkin a little slack here because the NHL needs characters like this crazy Russian. There’s too much blandness in the league, with players giving the rehearsed answers to media questions, with the usual cliches strewn throughout. In a restaurant, they all look alike. Same clothes, same hair. Ovechkin doesn’t fit that mold. And although the hot stick and the two-stick shootout at the All Star game were both planned, much of what he does is just natural.

Don’t forget, he’s also a fifty goal scorer.

6 thoughts on “Ovechkin Needs A Hollywood Agent”

  1. The greatest goal celebrations of all time have to be Teemue Selanee throwing his glove in the air then using his stick to shoot it out of the sky, or Milan Hedjuk’s imitation of an olympic diver/soccer player. I agree with Dennis though, it may be a little over the top but the game needs some character in it and Ovies intentions are good. I can put up with showboating alot better then players who are constantly whining ( Not directed at Crosby in any way what so ever)

  2. People who are upset by this need to lighten up…I love watching Ovie. He’s great. It was a funny moment. And when you’re a Habs fan, you don’t get many funny moments…

  3. I would have to agree with EP…

    Funny moment… and if people are offended, they should lighten up…

    And besides…. if anyone has any right to a little celebration… who other then Ovechkin??? He’s the man with a boatload of scoring skill.

  4. Myself, I like the celebratory antics of players (in any sport) after they’ve scored and/or made a dynamite play. They’re gleeful and, to my mind, glee is good, it enables the spectator to identify with the player and the play and so brings him/her into the action thereby making the event that much more enjoyable. So why the objections? Why, for example is Don so disgusted with Ovechikin’s dramatics? Why are the NFL and CFL `frowning’ on, censoring even such displays?

    Here’s my take on this (unfortunately I’ve gotta run so I”m gonna keep this uncharacteristically very very very short): rejection and the accompanying resentment of `showboating’ is rooted in cultural homogeneity. Perhaps there’s even a `law’ waiting to be formulated that expresses this phenomenon, something like `The occurrence/acceptablility of flagrant outbursts of celebratory glee by an individual after he/she does something special (whatever it may be) is in direct proportion to the degree of homogeneity that inheres in the culture/society in which the event occurs. Let’s call it Ovie’s Law? or, better yet and maybe more in keeping with the spirit of things, Jim’s Law! Hehehe, chew on this …. if you like.

    p.s. Here’s a kind of chicken/egg conundrum in this respect: when Ali was Cassius Clay he generated an enormous amount of indignation for being `colourful’ which is perhaps why he was the way he was/did so to begin with (sorry, couldn’t resist the bad pun).

  5. Ovie’s little celebration didn’t bother me at all, mostly because I saw it as a big “f*** you!” to Don Cherry. Ovie celebrates, yes, but I’ve never seen him do anything like that before, and I highly doubt it will become a regular occurrence.

    Possibly it would have been better received if he had done it on his own ice, but 50 is 50. Give him a break.

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