Ovechkin And Gaston Both Have A Big Day

Because this is a hockey blog, I should mention that Washington, with Alex Ovechkin scoring a pretty goal, won a big 4-0 game against the New York Rangers- minus-Sean Avery-because-he’s-been-a-jerk-and-deserves-to-sit, to close the gap to 3 games to 2. I didn’t see this game however because I’ve been driving like a madman all day and am now two hours north of LA in a place called Pismo Beach which is a nice little resort town with a lot of surfboard shops and oyster bars. We came down from San Francisco through Monterey and Big Sur, and although the scenery is spectacular, IT TAKES ABOUT A MILLION FREAKIN HOURS TO DRIVE THROUGH. So we stopped at Pismo Beach and will carry on tomorrow.

I would like to mention though, that Gaston has been a gem of a traveller, except for that night when he made the hotel maid scream. He hardly ever complains, sleeps a lot, and has had only one request the whole trip. He wanted to see his old homestead, the place that brings tears to his eyes when he talks about his old friends and the Christmas’ they all enjoyed and all that. So what could I say? I couldn’t say no. So I took him there, and he was pretty well overcome with emotion. It made my heart swell. So here’s a couple of photos of the momentous occasion which made Gaston so happy. Who says you can’t go home again?



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