Outplayed All Evening

Not much good to say here. The Canadiens were outplayed from start to finish, they were outmuscled, outworked, outchecked, and basically bottled up for about 50 of the 60 minutes, and although the final score looked an almost respectable 4-2 loss, it wasn’t. Not by a long shot.

The Canadiens were dismal and they lacked drive. How do you lack drive in a crucial playoff game? And once again, the scorers, the ones we rely on to light the lamp, didn’t come through.

Except PK and Gally of course, who’ve refused to stay quiet in the series when others around them have. Lots of heart with these two, but it’s no surprise.

To make matters worse, mainstays Eller, Bourque, and Gionta were ineffective and were shut down from start to finish. In fact, Bourque reminded me of his season-long comatose efforts. Eller was slightly better. Gionta was physically a non-factor. Too small in a game like this.

On top of that, the fourth line, which has contributed throughout the playoffs, were non-existent, and Michel Therrien’s choice of Brandon Prust in for Daniel Briere didn’t prove as brilliant a move as he might have hoped.

Prust’s name was barely mentioned, although the line only played about eight minutes. But of course he wasn’t alone in the not standing out department.

The Bruins were too strong in game five, and most of the Canadiens were surprisingly inept. They weren’t sharp to say the least. I’m expecting some true grit from them on Monday.

If they don’t come out breathing fire at the Bell, there might be some serious character flaws in many that need to be dealt with.

It was almost like they’d conceded early on, maybe right around the time Tomas Plekanec performed his dubious hat trick so to speak.

It was Plekanec who, instead of taking an extra second to cross the red line, iced the puck which led to a series of events and the Bruins’ first goal.

It was Plekanec who barged into Tuukka Rask with seventeen seconds left in the first, which led to a Bruins power play goal a minute into the second period.

It was Plekanec just a half minute later who took a high sticking penalty and six seconds later it was 3-0, and for all intents and purposed, the boys were dead.

It’s here I have to agree with what Don Cherry didn’t like and mentioned afterwards. Plekanec sat in the box with his leg resting on a ledge, like he was lounging in Acapulco.

When I saw that I wondered what the hell he was doing. Maybe in Europe you might see something along those lines. Not in a Habs-Bruins playoff struggle.

And even though Plekanec was terrible and in three ways helped cost the game, his teammates weren’t there either. They’ve been reading their press clippings about how they have the Bruins on the run, how great they’ve been, how they’re in the Bruins’ heads.

Tonight, the Bruins had them in their back pocket. The Canadiens were outmatched in every way in a huge game, and they should be ashamed of themselves.

Random Note:

Shawn Thornton spraying PK with the water bottle as PK skated past was bush league to say the least and a typical type of Bruin move.



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  1. Resting his leg as it did made me think he felt deflated with the series of boo-boos he made.

    We sucked for sure tonight and it’s the first playoff game we played where we were this horrible. That’s one in nine games. Not bad.

    There are two games left. Not one, TWO.

  2. They reverted to the regular season ineptness. I think they came out cold and ALLOWED Boston to be better tonight , NOT Boston forcing them to play inferior. They seemed listless tonight.But P.K. wants overtime game 7, so———HE MAY GET HIS WISH!!! Couldn’t have it happen to a better choice of Hab!!!

  3. Seen a gif of P.K. getting sprayed with water. Also listened to the interview after the game—he’s right, it wasn’t why they lost the game, but oh how I wait for someone–ANYONE to ram a stick down the throat of a few Bruins!!!!Every game, every period, almost every shift, they regress to intimidation and goonery and not just against Habs but all teams a little smaller then them. BUT onley when they have a few thugs on the ice to back them up!! Can you imagine the response if P.K squirted an opposing player—-CBC would still be on the air! My hope for game 7 overtime——Lucic’s shot from the left circle stopped by Price– Price gives the puck to P.K. at the right circle, and HE”S GONE—Therian covers his eyes—P.K circles the Boston net ,stiff-arms Marchand outta the way ,dekes around Chara, still with the puck, out to the line, walks the line . lets his rocket go, tapped in by Gallager, GAME OVER!! EAT THAT BOSTON!! Probably won’t happen that way but I get a sense Subban gonna be on fire Mon night AND for game 7.Along with Weise , Weaver ,,Gally, and Price. The rest of them can follow the lead that’s set.

  4. P.S. For ONE game Danno, let there be no “gingerly” but let’s have the eyes of your man- THE Rocket-! I like the contrast of your ID—the blazing eyes and the “gingerly” –both could give us #25 one day

  5. It was strange to me how Don Cherry was so worked up about how Plekanec was “lounging” in the penalty box, but he didn’t even mention the despicable Shawn Thornton spraying PK Subban in the face with water WHILE PLAY WAS GOING ON.

    You hit the nail on the head, Dennis. One team came to play, one didn’t. Readers of this blog know that I’m a big MaxPac fan, but at what point can we start saying that he’s letting the team down? There are reports that the Bruins are targeting him in their hits and comments on the ice, and that is clearly working, because he’s been a phantom in the series. After 39 goals in 73 regular season games, he has zero in this series (and only one against Tampa). DD and Vanek too are subject to criticism. I thought that DD played hard in the first two games, even if the results weren’t there, but in the last three games, he’s been invisible, too. Vanek has been floating around all series, and he’s supposed to be the “Bruins killer”.

    All in all, a very disheartening loss.

  6. Racist clown Shawn Thornton made a big mistake by squirting PK with the water bottle. Sure, he may get fined by the league. But he gave the Habs one more reason to beat the Bruins in games six and seven.

    Peter is right. If PK did it he would be condemned forever. Why the double standard?

    From NBC Sports:


    From CBC and then TSN with panel commenting…


  7. I am so mad. I have never felt this way about a series. How can a team like Boston be in 1st place yet be so classless? It’s an outrage. The NHL should be grateful that I was not born a 6’5″ 260lbs freak hockey player.

    What’s my wish? Clearly that we win tomorrow and Wednesday. And if we don’t? That someone on our team hurts Thorton, Lucic and Marchand . I hate sounding like this but there comes a time when the only way to stop the BS is to hit back. I say we dress Parros, Prust and White tomorrow. It’s our barn.

    As for Some of Ian’s remarks about the 1st line. I think Patches is being well covered, hence his lack of anything although since when would any player play less well because of comments on the ice??? Hockey players are more thick-skinned than that. Additionally, he made some mistakes on his own…as for DD, what??? He played well last night. You could see his effort. Clearly the best of that line and one of the best all night. Vanek, thanks but no thanks buddy.move on to Minnesota and good luck.

    The next game is OURS. I feel it in my bones.

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