Outmatched In Anaheim

It was just the other day, while sitting in Buffy’s Pub in Sooke, that I pointed to the TV and said to Lucy, “Look, the Leafs lost 4-0 again. Two games without a goal. Are they ever lousy. Hah!”

Then the Montreal Canadiens went out and dropped a 4-0 stinker in San Jose, and two nights later are smothered and outplayed as they lose 3-1 in Anaheim. I should never have been smug about the Leafs. Because sometimes the Habs can suck too.

It  also took until the 18:19 mark of the third period before Alex Galchenyuk scored with a Duck in the box, making it one of those rare and unusual sightings, a….how do you say it……successful power play? Thus keeping the team from being shutout two straight nights which would have made the Leafs comparison even more sickening .

Now it’s a short freeway ride to downtown Los Angeles to meet the Kings in a few hours. No predictions, no thoughts. No idea. Only that they have to start playing better than they have these past two games.

Karma, you got me good with the Leafs smugness. Now, enough’s enough.

Random Notes:

Props to the Ducks, who basically smothered, bottled up, outchecked and outskated Montreal for most of the night.

It was 2-0 in the second period when Max burst in alone while his team was shorthanded. Imagine how the momentum could have shifted. Maybe.

Canadiens outshot the Ducks 38-33, which for all intents and purposes looks like they played well. But they didn’t.

Ex-Hab Jiri Sekac took Subban out of the play, allowing new teammate Rickard Rakell the chance to score, which he did.

The guy we got in the Sekac trade, Devante Smith-Pelly, was again underwhelming and it blows my mind to hear reports that he’s out of shape. What the hell is that? It’s March. How can a player not be in shape at this time?



15 thoughts on “Outmatched In Anaheim”

  1. Only time will tell about Bergy”s moves but Sekac will not amount to much anyhow because he was fired up facing the team he let down. Smothered , bottled up and out-checked sums it well Dennis but I really believe the boys have what it takes to win. Give John Gibson credit as he played a solid game while his team hacked and whacked their way to victory . Any piece of crap skill-less hockey team can win as we found out the hard way in Nagano in 1998 . Let it be a lesson for future success ! Go Habs Go

  2. Better a lull now then when it’s a best of seven series. We’re reverting back to the glory days when we lost 8-10 games all season. Oh how I dislike a loss due to no zip.
    I meant as fans of CH we demanded a win each game,

  3. “About Last Night” had a chicken little outlook column this morning…

    Still my team, still scouting a spot on the parade route!!!

  4. @Mike M, one spot is already taken. I’ll be outside Reubens at the corner of Rue Saint Catherine & I think Rue Stanley. That way I can also fill up on their great Montreal smoked meat sandwiches as thousands celebrate raising #25 to the sky!

  5. I felt if we escaped the Western road trip with four points that would be a success. It’s still possible.

    The boys just need to pull up their socks and make it so.

  6. Hi Joe. Gibson did play well, just not enough extended pressure from our guys. I think the boys will be fine. It’s two-game slump and hell, the Leafs, for example, would love to have only that. Our guys haven’t looked great in these two games but the tent isn’t being folded, that’s for sure. With the Sekac/DSP trade, I’m still waiting. So far, not great. DSP doesn’t seem to be a great skater, and if he’s out of shape we have to question his desire.

  7. Peter, I know it’s not the first nor the last when they’re lethargic in California. Must be those California girls. A win in LA would go a long way in making us giddy again. And then one in Phoenix. Go Habs!

  8. Exactly, Danno. Wins in LA and Phoenix is the doctor’s order. They haven’t looked good out there and it can’t be the chemistry affected by trade deadline. They only lost one guy. But now it’s time to stop the nonsense and look good out there.

  9. Just saw that, Mike M, and although I don’t agree at all about the sky falling, the one thing I am concerned about is what Boone pointed out – that hopefully Beaulieu’s new-found confidence doesn’t take a hit because he’s been moved back. I’ve loved his play lately. And so far not that crazy about DSP. He’s gotta get much dirtier than that. A win tonight is so important.

  10. Not panicking. We’re in the playoffs. Obj # 1 accomplished (or in a week we’ll be in). We are bound to hit these rough patches. Guys need to mature up a bit. New guys are still climatizing. The news about DSP being out of shape is a good sign. It demonstrates that the habs are a fit team and DSP coming from the champs being out of shape reflects badly on Anaheim. Once he’s in shape? Wait and see. I do like physicality. Mitchells hit last nite was awesome. We just need to see that 10x over by other players.

  11. Hey Mayo. Yes, Mitchell showed some grit. I liked that. Now, like you say, a bit more from others.

  12. re: game in san jose, the goalie should have been penalized for embellishment when he pushed his mask off. It didn’t look damaged to me. He did it to stop the play. whats up with that? How come things like that don’t get talked about. The moment Subban or Pleks do something, its all over TSN but the real shit heads are goalies like SJ’s.

  13. Did not Google it but a Montreal buddy claims the goal they scored last night was the first California goal since March 2011.

  14. What happened to the good old days last fall when we were the ones coming from behind late in the third to win? And the only ones to score in shoot-outs were wearing a CH on their chest?

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