Outdoor Rinks, School, Habs-Leafs, And Who’s That Guy With The Puck?

0042This beautiful piece of art measuring more than two feet by three feet, was originally in a Quebec school in the 1940’s. It was used, along with other outdoor scenes, as part of student essays or copying or whatever it was they did with it in class. It’s now framed and sits proudly in my living room, and it brings back many memories of playing on an outdoor rink growing up in Orillia.                                                                          

What’s funny about it is the Montreal player on the left, handling the puck.                                                                                                                                         

I would say there’s a distinct resemblance to Leafs star Charlie Conacher.


5 thoughts on “Outdoor Rinks, School, Habs-Leafs, And Who’s That Guy With The Puck?”

  1. Charlie looks good in a Habs jersey, but then again, anybody looks good in a Habs jersey.

  2. Dk : It must be the “Rocket” circling to come in from the right wing but shooting left handed !
    Les Canadiens Toujours !!!!!

  3. Great art. That’s much more than a resemblance. The artist must have had access to an early version of PhotoShop software.

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