Our Piss Pots Did More Than Their Piss Pots

In the documentary “The Boys on the Bus”, which is a fascinating look at Wayne Gretzky and the Edmonton Oilers during the 1986-87 season, the Oilers are in Montreal for a game, and beforehand, coach Glen Sather goes over some blackboard strategy in the room, and then tells his players to be careful with that “little piss pot (Mats) Naslund.”

Tonight against the Flyers, maybe Jacques Martin neglected to point out to his players to be careful with that little piss pot Daniel Briere. The dangerous little man outworked and outskated both 6’4″ Paul Mara and 6’5′ Ryan O’Byrne to barge in on Carey Price and put the Flyers up 1-0. And this same little bugger created havoc all through the first period, something maybe Scott Gomez could learn from.

And what about our piss pots? Most of them finally came to life in the second, with Tomas Plekanec setting up Andre Kostitsyn, and then Max Lapierre doing a little delayed drag move and hitting Mike Cammalleri on the fly to put the good guys up 2-1. But again, nothing from Scott Gomez.

And it thrills me to no end to announce that Georges Laraque assisted on Cammalleri’s goal, which gives BGL two assists for the year and now puts him on target for 55 assists this year if he continues his blistering pace.

The third period can be summed up like this: Marc-Andre Bergeron fired home a power play goal for the insurance marker, and Scott Gomez made two great plays to other players. Unfortunately, the other players were Flyers.

And although the officials once again called a last-minute penalty to the Habs, Philly couldn’t score, which must piss off the suits at league headquarters.

A 3-1 win. It wasn’t a great game. A great game is the 1975 Canadiens-Red Army game, or any game where the Canadiens trounce the opposition by five or more goals.

Random Notes:

Is it just me or is Scott Hartnell getting more homely?

Paul Mara left with some kind of injury. Hey, what would a Habs game be without an injury?

Canadiens in Ottawa Tuesday.

3 thoughts on “Our Piss Pots Did More Than Their Piss Pots”

  1. Life is just too boring playing with 6 reliable defence-men. Bergeron on defence makes it much more exciting; both on offence and defence.

  2. yes Bergeron is making a name for himself,way to kick the flyers,i hate that team mostly bec ause of bobby clarke

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