7 thoughts on “Our Guy Gallagher”

  1. Excellent article.

    Gallagher reminds me a great deal of Doug Risebrough in terms of the way he plays the game.

  2. So the big Lucic has compliments for young Gallegher. I knew there was more to the nhl than what you hear on the ice Maybe they’ll be team-mates one day.

  3. Hey Dennis, I was in Vancouver this morning and bought the paper, just for the crossword but read the article on Brendan…lots of respect coming his way from a lot of people, he will be in the pro’s along time.

  4. Brendan Gallagher is living proof that a big heart can more than make up for having a smaller body in hockey. He is simply amazing.

  5. Danno, it’s funny but I don’t even notice his small size like I do others. It’s like some sort of optical illusion.

  6. He will be, Derry. But the guys on talk radio the other day were saying that he can’t play an entire career with this style, it’ll be too taxing. But I don’t see him playing any other way.

  7. I can’t imagine him playing that way too for very long without breaking something. He’s the gutsiest player there in my opinion. Kind of like Cole minus the size. I think I really miss Cole.

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