Sergei Kostitsyn might want to think about a brain transplant in the off-season. Doesn’t he understand that one of the main reasons he was sent down to Hamilton this year was because of his poorly-timed and silly penalties? And tonight, back in the lineup, when he should know better, he took a flagrant first-period hooking call which led to Boston’s first goal. Which, of course, woke the Bruins up, and the rest, as they say, is history.

Soon after, it was two-nothing.

The couch became a very sad place to be, so I did what any good Habs fan would do. I started cleaning. I washed the front door. I tackled some cupboards. When Georges slammed Milan Lucic, I ducked back in and saw the replay and the scuffle that followed. Then I decided to wash the front steps railing. Shortly after, I came back in, started typing this, and listened to Don Cherry in the background talk about how Montreal has wee little players and the Bruins are big guys.

Alex Kovalev scored as I was deciding about scraping some peeling paint off my deck, so I sat and watched, but shortly after, Boston scored again. And then again. And again.

I’m sure every single one of you reading this saw the game for yourself, so what is there to say? You saw it too. Alex Kovalev played a smart, dangerous game. But only him. And I’m convinced now that Carey Price needs a few more years under his belt before he becomes a great one.

I heard on the radio today that the team that goes up two-nothing in a series wins the series 88% of the time. So I’m taking that 12% leftover and running with it. If 12% have done it, then the Canadiens can too.

Something has to happen for the Habs to turn this thing around. Some kind of heroic effort, maybe a two or three-goal game from someone other than Kovalev. Or a night where Carey Price stands on his head for a shutout, or Mike Komisarek beats the daylights out of Milan Lucic. Or Zdeno Charo breaks a finger. Something.

But if that special something doesn’t happen, if the Canadiens can’t pick it up considerably, the playoffs are going to be a long few months when you don’t have a favourite team to cheer for.

I guess when the games are on, I can always cut the lawn or clean the chimney.

Random Notes:

Tomas Plekanec and Matt D’Agostini were healthy scratches. Plekanec shouldn’t be a surprise. He’s been a non-factor, not only in game one, but throughout most of the season. Maybe it should’ve been done sooner. Plekanec performed poorly in last year’s playoffs too, and I hope he isn’t one of these stereotypical European players we used to label as being invisible in the playoffs. But so far he is.

Monday night in Montreal. There’s no need for understatements.

8 thoughts on “Ouch”

  1. Rest assured Dennis, we will welcome you into the fold. Canuckleheads are very forgiving for your past transgressions.

    14 more…..

  2. First 10 minutes looked promising.
    Give them credit, the bruins look pretty good.
    Didn’t like Lucy’s crosscheck to Lapierre’s head at the end.
    Monday. Redemption or one game closer to summer?

  3. time to put a new battery in your crystal ball Dennis, I’m thinking your team wants to have a good long rest this summer in preperation for their new coach next year

  4. Dennis-Dennis-Dennis……….I’m really thinkin’ that you should definetly be watchin’ your beloved Habs at our place. I’m having a hard time getting all that stuff done around here. I’d cheer on your Habs while the cleaning, scraping, painting was happenin’ ! Keep your chin up–12%—- thems is purdy gud odds. P.S. Join up with the current armies of band-wagon jumpers, with all the Canuck fans you know– you’d be a shoe-in. Just do it Dennis. Well, now it’s off to church—of the sainted LUONGO!!!

  5. Thanks Jan. But if I was there and the Canadiens played like that again, I’d be so boring you’d kick me out. Nothing would come out of my mouth. It’d be like making small talk after being up for 48 hours. And if I was vacuuming, no one could hear announcers drool over Lucy Lucic.

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