Ottawa’s A Fine City

I really like the city of Ottawa. I lived there for 17 years, all over the place, and I became a real Ottawan. There was that apartment on Carling near Britannia and the one downtown on Gloucester St. There was the high rise on Alta Vista, the place on Morrisette, that other place on Meadowlands, the brand new $39,000 townhouse in Barrhaven, that nice little brick house on Browning, and there might be more once I think harder about it.

I arrived with nothing and gradually built a nice life there. I have fond memories.

People joke about Ottawa. How boring it is. How the the sidewalks are rolled up at 6 pm every night. How it’s the town that fun forgot. I never found it boring. I got married there and my kids were born there. I had great friends, excellent parties, a job I enjoyed, went to a pile of concerts at the NAC and Civic Centre, and could get in the car and easily drive to Montreal or Toronto or to the old hometown Orillia four hours away.

It was all nice and comfortable, and I look back and often think that I should never have left.

But having said all this, I dislike their hockey team. A lot. I had left by the time the Senators franchise kicked off, but an old friend of mine in Ottawa (not J.W.), who was my Habs buddy, suddenly and inexplicably became a Sens fan and promptly rubbed it in my face when his new team beat the Canadiens. He thought it was great, and he’d been a lifetime Montreal fan up until then. We used to make treks to the Forum together. And he dropped them like a hot potato.

This might be the biggest reason of all that I love seeing the Sens lose.

The Senators are without some key guys, which I don’t feel bad about. Erik Karlsson, Jason Spezza, Milan Michalek, Jared Cowen, and goalie Craig Anderson are all on the sidelines, and somehow this team has still managed to win their last four games. The nonsense has to stop. It’s smoke and mirrors right now. If the Senators carry on in some sort of winning mode with basically an American Hockey League team filling in, I’m going to be really pissed.

The mandate now is to see Habs kick some ass tonight.





9 thoughts on “Ottawa’s A Fine City”

  1. I am afraid the Senators are potentionally a scary team…They have tremendous quality depth in the AHL with Silfverberg and Zibanejab to just name two..There depth in goaltending is crazy with Anderson, Bishop and Lerhner who is tearing up the AHL with a .938 save %……
    My Leafs found out last Saturday night losing to the Senators in a tight one (I am sure you Habby fans shed a tear for me) 3-2 getting scored on with 20 sec left in the 3rd…..

    I cannot quite figure out the success of your Habs but Pierre LeBraun chalked it up to Price and high team character on your team….

  2. Leaf fan, I don’t think the Sens fortunes will last. Losing key players has to effect them at some point soon. And the success of the Habs? It’s all about being disgusted with last year and deciding it wasn’t going to happen again. Then some key tweaks were made.

  3. I’m right with you about the city of Ottawa Dennis. Never lived there, but worked in it as a courrier for 3 seasons…uh, I mean years. Beautiful place, great people, lovely women and great food. I wish their hockey team all the success the Leafs have had recently.

    All those Ottawa residences. You should e-mail me a list of addresses – I could capture images of those places today from Google Earth and send them back your way. Yes, I’m serious!

  4. I don’t understand the logic of reducing the ticket prices for the most coveted games. The only thing it does is make the season ticket holder make more money when they sell the tickets to Hab/Laff fans.

    The Senators would have more fans showing up to these games if they had placed the arena in the city where they live instead of being way out of town in a cow pasture. I love how HNIC always shows the the Centennial flame on Parliament Hill when discussing Ottawa. As I write this from Kanata, I can confirm that there’s nothing interesting to see here.

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