Ottawa Ouch

Canadiens get smoked 5-2 in the nation’s capital and it only means two things: It’s time to ship most of the prospects out, and there were some fine signs that these two teams could get involved in some nasty business this winter.

If the Habs are to have any success against Ottawa, Boston and Toronto, they’re going to have to flex a few more muscles than we’ve been used to. Whether or not they can remains to be seen. But all signs point to a whack of gloves being dropped in the real season.

And I love that. As long as it’s the Habs flattening noses and not vice versa. George Parros is almost ready, which should help. Unless he decides to imitate the Right Honourable Georges Laraque.

The Canadiens actually led the game at one point when Magnus Nygren bulged the twine. But of course that was it for the boys making it any kind of a game. There was a big lack of anything resembling much of anything, but it’s also understandable considering it was only a couple of weeks ago that half the team was skating at the prospects camp in Brossard.

Nick Tarnasky, who’s seen NHL action in the past with Tampa Bay, Nashville, and Florida, scrapped with Biff Neil. Then Ryan White got into it with Biff a few feet from where Travis Moen and somebody named Fredrik Claesson exchanged email addresses, and Moen was tossed for instigating.

I thought this was fine. At least Moen was somewhat involved. He’s there to be a tougher type role player, not Guy Lafleur.

It’s never good when the boys get shellacked. It’s just time for so many of these guys who don’t stand a chance of cracking the lineup to head out to their new rinks and come back next year and go for it again. Meanwhile, let’s get down to business with the real club and be done with it.

Random Notes:

Shots on goal – Ottawa 32, Habs 26.

Peter Budaj played the full game and wasn’t terrible. It was just too many inexperienced teammates in front of him.

Thursday, the two teams go at it again, this time at the Bell. It’s a brand new day. Some tweaking, more veterans, play tough, and pay them back any which way they can. As long as its not Phil Kessel-type leg chopping


6 thoughts on “Ottawa Ouch”

  1. Hey Dennis, relax buddy, it’s the preseason ,nothing to get excited about. When you are playing all the future call ups from Hamilton there is no need for worry.I think the goaltenders take the brunt of games like this, Budja is looking pretty good back in the nets, they will be ok.

  2. Hey Dennis, I agree with you completely. I know its preseason, and I know my son loves the Senators, and I think Bryan Murray is awesome (having coached me once upon a time), but I can’t help but hate the Senators, especially after last year.

    I think you forgot to mention that Tarnasky got the decision on this one, having nailed Biff with a good right.

    Keep up the good work.

    p.s. This is the first time I’ve seen Chris Neil referred to as Biff, but it’s the name I think of every time I see him!

  3. Derry, I’ve been stressing it’s only preseason all along. My point here was that it’s time to stop the experimenting with the prospects and get down to the nitty gritty.

  4. Jarred Tinordi is not in tonight’s lineup but the boys who eat hockey pucks for breakfast on RDS are saying he has made the team and is just getting the night off.

    Biff is the perfect name for Neil.

    George Parros is still off recovering from a shoulder injury. I hope the new Sheriff in town lays down the law, and soon.

    We need a tough hombre and to make the other teams think twice about hurting our smaller and more talented players. We don’t need another Right Honourable George Laraque.

    And Travis Moen just makes me moan and groan.

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