Orillia And Galt Battle Hard


I saw this picture the other day, and in keeping with sometimes being all over the map and straying from the Habs, I thought it important to show, especially if you’re from the Orillia or Cambridge areas, some good old senior hockey action.

It’s a 1970 Senior A playoff game between the Orillia Terriers and Galt Hornets, and although it looks to me like it might be the Orillia arena, it very well could be in Galt. I have a helmet sort of like the Orillia guy, which now sits on Giant Gaston’s head. (the helmet, not the Orillia guy).

Galt and three other neighboring towns, Hespeler, Preston, and Blair, amalgamated in 1973 and became Cambridge. Hespeler used to make fine hockey sticks, including Hespeler Green Flash, which was my stick of choice. Not that it did any good.

The Galt Hornets were Allan Cup champs for 1968-69 and 1970-71, while Orillia would win it all in 1972-73.



5 thoughts on “Orillia And Galt Battle Hard”

  1. Even when he’s quietly sitting alone in his corner, that Gaston always looks like he’s up to no good.

  2. Galt & Orillia had a real hate on for each other, both the teams and the fans. Not as bad as Woodstock, but close. Those were the best of times for Orillia hockey, with the senior Terriers and the junior Travelways / Terriers. Good times.

    I would say that is the Orillia arena. I count 5 rows of seating between ice and standing room. If you look at pictures of the old Galt Arena, they had six. However, I have been wrong so many times before now, even I wouldn’t take my word for it.

  3. TERRIERS IN ORILLIA, like the NHL back then, home wore white
    The best skater I ever saw-Peter Spyers-Galt, A Paul Coffey copied him!

  4. Hi Ron. You’re right, senior hockey back then was tremendous, almost NHL-like. Boy, you sure have a great memory. It’s not the first time you’ve amazed me with remembering the old days. ( Ron is my oldest buddy. We go back to early childhood).

  5. Dennis, thanks for the picture of Orillia – Galt great rivalry not often seen today. Also loved the picture of the SK 10 helmet. I have one somewhere but haven’t seen it in years.

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