Oops, Sorry Patrick, Said Conroy

Craig Conroy, the wily old veteran of the Calgary Flames who is about to play his 1000th game in the NHL, tells the story of when he broke into the league with the Montreal Canadiens in 1994, he was on the ice for his first practice and drilled a shot that smashed into Patrick Roy’s mask.

Several Habs jumped him and Patrick Roy punched him in the face.


6 thoughts on “Oops, Sorry Patrick, Said Conroy”

  1. Quick survey to all the Habs fans who play fantasy: How many Habs are you carrying?

    My pool is a small one, so we have stacked teams (I have both Sedins) – I managed to snag Camalleri, Pleks, and Subban in the draft, and grabbed Price off waivers. Debating grabbing AK too, and trying to trade for Markov.. Screw a balanced team… Vive Les Canadiens!!!!

  2. Danny, I’ve got Markov and just missed Plekanec. And of 160 players taken with two goalies on each team (10 teams) no one chose Price.

  3. Dennis, NHL.com is saying the Leafs have a chance to win the cup this year…

    NHL.com is making a case that any team, EVEN TORONTO can win the Stanley Cup this year.


    They must be smoking some really good stuff.

    Especially when they say this:

    “And finally there’s the rabid fan base. Leafs Nation is probably the most passionate and the most desperate this side of Cubs fans.”

    Have they ever been to the Bell Centre?

    To be fair, they do add a touch of reality to their report by admitting “the odds are stacked against them.” But anything is possible they say. Any team can win the cup this year — and that includes Toronto.

    It’s the first installment where NHL.com will look at all 30 teams and make the case that anything is possible for them, even winning the cup.

    “You might think it’s ludicrous to believe, but we’re going to try to convince you that every team has a chance,” says the NHL.com guy with a straight look on his face.

    The guy deserves an Oscar for not cracking up.

    There are 30 teams and they start by looking at the Leafs in a marketing and promotions hype gone out of control.

    Still, NHL.com are not the only ones predicting the Leafs can win the cup. There are others inlcuding these folks:

  4. I’m not really in any hockey pools except the one on the Canadiens website. I was in Nfld when it all went down and I had no computer to allow participation. I’m under enough stress anyway without all of that.

    As for Patrick Roy, well it just goes to show you it’s not good to trust anyone named Roy. Just ask the Buffalo Sabres, or better yet my mother. My last name is Roy.

  5. Danno, after watching the Dutch thing which was the best thing in the world, I then watch the NHL.com one about the Leafs winning the Stanley Cup. Seeing that reaffirms my beleive that these hockey “experts’ just talk to hear themselves talking. What a joke. Colton Ott and Mike Komisarek and the rest winning it all? And over the years I’ve been to many games in Toronto and you’re right, fans there don’t hold a candle to Montreal fans for noise and such. I can hardly get my coffee down after this. Regardless, thanks for a couple of funny videos.

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