Oops, Missed Again!

Geoff Molson, Pierre Gauthier, and Bob Gainey were in the building for the Canadiens 4-2 loss to the Florida Panthers, and what a coincidence to see the big shots gather in Florida. Nice weather, palm trees. Pretty sure you don’t see these three all that often in Winnipeg or Columbus or Minneapolis where there’s a definite shortage of bikinis this time of year.

And it’s great that they saw another feeble effort from the Habs up close and personal. I hope Gauthier is nervous. I’m sure he’s wondering if he’s about to become unemployed. How many millions does he get in his buyout package?

I thought Montreal showed spunk in the first period as they took the lead 2-0. David Desharnais opened the scoring, they managed a 5 on 3 power play goal (Subban), and Ryan White took on Erik Gudbranson in a lively fight at the end of the period. As we’ve seen in the past. White will go up against bigger guys, and although he doesn’t always fair well in these encounters, at least he shows heart and is a battler through and through. He’s exactly what several on the team aren’t, and we appreciate his giving his all.  (Gudbranson is 6’3, White 6′).

That was only the first period, after looking fairly good for awhile, but we knew they’d blow it. That’s what they do. If they didn’t I would’ve been almost disappointed.

Peter Budaj was in nets, and although it wasn’t an outstanding performance by the guy, who can blame him for screened shots and the fact that it must be incredibly difficult to come in cold again after only playing a handful of game all season. How can a backup get in a zone when he’s always on the bench? I don’t blame Budaj. He’s only played in eight games.

Surely something has to happen now, with the Three Wise Men in attendance and the boys falling flat on their faces. Something better happen. How much longer are these geniuses going to put us through this ridiculous ringer? They’re there now, they’re chatting probably as we speak, and let’s just hope a surfer doesn’t slip a love drug in their pina coladas.

Random Notes:

Nest game is Tuesday when the team makes the trek over to the other side of the state of Florida to visit the Tampa Bay Lightning. This gives Geoff Molson the better part of two days to listen to Gauthier and Gainey suck up to him.

Shots on goal – Florida 32, Habs 20

Habs mentioned lately as changing teams soon include Travis Moen, Andrei Kostitsyn, and Tomas Plekanec. You have to ask yourself – is Ryan White enough to provide all toughness required? Having two who don’t mind the heavy going would be nice, and I’d like to see Moen stay. I’d like Plekanec to remain a Hab too. He’s had too many quiet moments this season, but he’s a great player and would probably come back to kill us on a regular basis. Kostitsyn can leave. I’m tired of seeing a few good moves out of this guy only every five games or so.

It’s just too bad Scott Gomez’s name isn’t coming up more often, but we know the situation. I say buy him out and be done with it.



2 thoughts on “Oops, Missed Again!”

  1. Well, at least it’s trade day today. Let’s hope and pray that the lame ducks are sent packing. Gomez and Kaberle going would make me so happy I may break out in a song and sing like a happy fool all over the place.

    Plecks has waived his no-trade clause supposedly so he may be going.

    I’d also suggest trading PG to Boston but sadly I doubt that will happen.

    PK was really angry last night and threw a stool against the wall. I’m glad he was angry. I hope this season is a good learning experience for him.

  2. Looking back over the last number of years the one big disappointment would have to be Bob Gainey’s situation.. For the first number of years under his direction most comments from Toronto fans where how well Gainey was developing the Habs from the farm system (Bulldogs) up compared to the mish mash managing of the Leafs…Gainey was actually the “poster boy” in Toronto on how to develop a successful fanchise..
    He had drafted Cary Price which labeled the Habs as a dynasty in the making scaring Leaf fans into “Oh my god the 70’s Habs are back”. Than it all started to slowly go south not withstanding the Hab playoff runs…Something essential was missing….
    Maybe it was the signing of the 3 smurfs (Gionta,Cammerali and Gomez)and not enough beef upfront…..
    Do you think maybe it all comes down to the slow growing rot of Gomez’s situation in the dressing room??

    The worst situation for the Habs management is to panic ….take it from me …a leaf fan knows all about management panic….

    Your core young defense prospects of Tinordi,Subban,Emelin,Beaulieu is very solid plus grabbing Ryan Murray at the draft would be a real prize to add to the group…

    I am just hoping Burke does not panic and just bite the bullet and not listen to the nutbar crazed media idiots in Toronto…

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