Oops. Back To The Drawing Board For A Couple Of Tweaks

It’s ten pm in Ottawa and most citizens have already been in bed for several hours because they’ve worked hard at their government desks all week and are pooped. Except for hockey fans, who stayed up later than normal to watch or listen to the big game, the Senators-Canadiens game. And especially Habs fans in Ottawa, who live life to the fullest, burn the candle at both ends, and walk little old ladies across the street.

I listened on CJAD thanks to Moey and I heard the boos for Alex Kovalev from the many Canadiens fans in the Ottawa stands. But Kovy, like it was scripted, opened the scoring with a shorthanded goal to quiet things.  Booing an ex-Hab is a love-hate thing for me. I understand that they’re now the enemy, but they had played hard trying to help the team win when they were in Montreal. Maybe they should be applauded instead of booed. But then again, they’re now trying to beat the Habs, so maybe they should be booed heartily and told their mother wears army boots.

Scott Gomex, in a pre-recorded interview with Rick Moffat, told how Larry Robinson and other old Habs instilled in the New Jersey dressing room the mindset of winning and the swagger that goes with it. “We’d walk in to a rink with the thought that we’re going to win and there’s nothing you can do about” said Gomez. He and Gionta and the other Devils learned this mostly from Larry Robinson because he’d have them sit around and he’d tell old Canadiens stories, how hard the stars worked, and about all the different Stanley Cup wins. Ah, Robinson. There’s a guy I’d like to see back in the Habs organization.

Jaraslav Spacek scored on the power play, which is a good sign because one of his duties this year is replacing Mathieu Schneider as a scoring threat from the blueline on the power play. And without going into the gruesome details, Montreal fell behind 3-1 in the second. And then, 4-1.

And then 6-1.

Random Notes:

A goal and an assist for Alex Kovalev. His mother wears army boots.

Not great: Carey Price, but even Jacques Plante had off-nights.

Nice to see: Ryan O’Byrne again showing some feistiness. I’ve been saying for two years now that the big guy should play nasty.

Next up, Bruins, Sunday in Quebec! It’s also on RDS.

19 thoughts on “Oops. Back To The Drawing Board For A Couple Of Tweaks”

  1. The only ex-hab from last season that I’d boo this season would be Komisarek. I know hockey’s a business but it just pisses me off that people can change sides so quickly just by waving a little cash in their face. And some thought Komisarek would be the habs’ next captain!

  2. If you look at their schedule, this was their third straight game, the boys are tired, i don’t blame for losing this game.

    Apart from the loss, the new team is looking real good. We have more grit than last year, something that we lacked of. We’re also a lot faster.

  3. Dennis, listening to it isn’t as good as watching it, but it sure comes in handy when you’re on vacation during playoff time and you need a fix. I was reading some comments about last nights’ game and some “fans” being true to form have picked up the pitchforks and started the Price hunt. He will have off nights for pete’s sake. Today against Boston should be good.


    I agree, so far I’m pleased with our new team. I love that Neilson fella, the more grit we have the better. Last year there were too many marshmallows.

  4. It’s ridiculous to boo Price. These people just like to hear themselves. They’re not Habs fans. If they were, they shut their traps.

  5. It’s not really an excuse because different players are playing on different nights. It’s just one of those nights and it’s good for the coaches who can see cracks and were the cracks should be fixed. Very soon they’ll start weeding players out and send down.

  6. it definitely is ridiculous to boo price. Every player, NO MATTER WHAT is going to have his ups and downs. he had a bad game in the PRESEASON. he’s not going to give it his all and risk injuring himself in a preseason games. When the regular season comes, then we can start commenting on his play. but booing is just the wrong way to go.

  7. I was at last night’s game and despite commenting on Price’s seemingly bored (non)reactive state last night, I’d never boo the kid. He can’t be blamed for all of the goals but at least 2 should’ve been handled much more proactively. As a goalie I enjoy watching skilled netmiders, especially their positioning. Kovy’s goal is a good example (yes I know we are talking about a premiere sniper). The Habs were on a PP and the play from Kuba to AK27 was not that rapid a dash down the ice. Price had all kinds of time to set himself up (also, no thanks to the CH Dmen on that play). Price was down when the puck went 5-hole. Again, Kovy’s shot can be deadly and I even predicted he’d score, from the left side to boot. During the game Price seemed nonplussed about the game. Of course this is personal perception. LeClaire on the other hand was very much into the game and likely saved it early for the Sens. He plays big and is pretty quick with the pads. I’m not overly worried about Carey as I think he is one of the most gifted net talents in the game.

  8. Moeman you are so right.

    Carey Price is an elite goaltender, he’s just not going to take the preseason seriously. I mean, who does, right?!

    “When I look at this kid, i say to myself “Now, that’s a good goalie”
    That’s what Bob Gainey said right after the Habs were swept from the Bruins the past season.

    And I completely agree with him. He’s a confident goalie. he’s got skill, but they’re still raw. I think this year is going to be a good year for Carey and the Habs.
    After a shaky second season, he’s going to prove Montreal that he’s up there with Patrick Roy and Martin Brodeur and make those Boos into Cheers.

  9. Thanks Moeman. Price seems to play that nonchalant style. I think (hope) it’s just him and his personality. They were saying last night the crowd was quiet and should be happier because their team was looking good, but they weren’t. What did you think? And did you have good seats?

  10. Seats were OK, 2nd level right behind the Gmen, LeClaire for two periods. I wouldn’t be comparing Price with Roy or Brodeur until he wins a few awards, maybe a Smythe and bags many wins. I agree that pre-season is pre-schmeason but I just hope Price shakes the cobwebs for Oct. 1st.

    Sens crowds are notoriously quiet. That didn’t change last night. Habs fans outnumbered them 60/40 and we were loud (some of the feminine stripe simply delicious for the eyes), for most of the game, even when down by 3, 4, 5 goals. Kovy got some boos but I don’t expect the Bell Centre faithful to ride him as hard (until he scores).

    Sens fans cheered every time Kovy touched the puck. It was kinda eery and almost sounded desperate.

    I paid much attention on Cammi and Spacek. The are both great at positioning for the appropriate play. Cammi is all over the place. Spacek is solid and steady.

    I’m not one for fistacuffs so all these pre-schmeason brawls we are seeing mean squat (sure its an opp. for a kid to make a name for himself) to me. I hope it doesn’t carry into the real season but methinks burkian boorishness means hockey will be gooned up and God knows the lameass leaf media will lap it up like lemmings leaping for lost lore.

  11. Thanks for that. Interesting. I suspect Burke’s Leafs will be a goon sqad this year. But these tactics are only good for so long then it comes back to haunt, especially when they take bad penalties that cost games.
    I lived in Ottawa for 15 years from 74 to 89 and people there were famous for being quiet, even at rock concerts. Kind of self-conscious. A completely different crowd than in Montreal.

  12. Dennis, my friend’s hooking me up somehow, he’s an IT specialist, so i didn’t really ask what he was going to do, i wouldn’t understand anyhow

  13. Hi Dennis.

    Maybe I’m making my prediction a little to soon but here goes my fearless prediction.
    I’ll predict them to finish in 8th or 9th in the Eastern Conference.
    The key is if Plekanec, A. Kostitsyn, Price have shown that last year was just a fluke but I’m not expecting miracles from any of the three that I mentioned.
    The team hopefully has less distractions this season and can concentrate on playing hockey full time and building the team back to a playoff contender, we have some grit and character on this team which I like.
    It’s a grueling and physical 82 game schedule and I really question if our talented guys like Gionta, Camalleri, Plekanec, and Gomez to name a few can stand up to the physical endurance or run out of gas as they say.
    What I like is chemistry is coming aboard on the team but what happens if we are caught with the injury bug?
    We can’t make excuses if this were to occur as many fans have blamed injuries for our poor results last season. Bob Gainey will have alot of explaining to do if we falter again.
    We all know what the problems were and Bobby did some major shuffling in the off season although I would have loved to have Kovalev back from all the others that are no longer on our team.
    I am looking forward to attending the December 4 game when we do celebrate the 100th anniversary of Club de Hockey, which I have been waiting for a long time to witness our great franchise being honoured on this special night.

  14. It’s so great that you’ll be able to be at that special game. Hopefully they win that night.
    I suppose it’s good not to expect a lot, because then if it happens it’s not a surprise. But I can’t help myself by thinking they’re going to better than that. But it sure does depend on a lot. Guys like Price and Plekanec, like you say, and injuries too, will tell the story. The small guys – I’ve no idea. But it’s just in my makeup, always has been, to say they’ll be a good team this year and finish high, and when the playoffs start, I just believe that anything can happen. Maybe this is why I don’t win hockey pools. I pick too many Habs.
    I’m waiting for the cuts to start and this team gets whittled down. I also hope O’Byrne has turned a bit of a corner.

  15. I don’t think anybody is in a position to make predictions just yet. Nobody has even seen them play together. My strategy to not going insane this season is to not think about the future too much, just criticize about how much they suck or if your optimistic, applaud their great play. And if I were to make a prediction, it would be that they win the cup (just as likely to happen as any other spot on the standings).

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