Only One Question About Tonight

Never mind wondering if the Canadiens will win their third straight tonight. Of course they will, because I’m going to be eating green, slimey, lumpy, mouldy maple syrup very soon because Danno said I had to. He said as long as the Habs are winning, I can’t stop.

But what if I die, Danno?

We know the boys will beat the orangemen. What we don’t know is if Hal Gill will continue his torrid scoring pace and pot another. I think he might go for a couple tonight.

Montreal won three straight just once before in this season, and it began with the Flyers in late October and continued by besting the Bruins in a home and home. And Flyers fans, I don’t want to hear any whining about not having Claude Giroux and Chirs Pronger in the lineup. We have our own injury problems. Don’t forget, Scott Gomez is out.

One thought on “Only One Question About Tonight”

  1. Dennis,

    Magic syrup is what we’re after. Not toxic stuff. If your going to do yerself in use DKSFB (have I got the right?)

    And I see once again Shan has gone all shifty down at player shafety, with McQuaid let off by just emptying the loose change from his trouser pockets on the way out the door.

    Sheesh. Dem Bruins.

    I now await some minor knee collision tonight, which will see an obscure Hab banned ’til next Christmas

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