Only Four Left

The Canadiens fall 4-1 in Manhattan, and that’s fine. The enthusiasm and edge-of-the-seat experience of watching the Habs was sucked out of me, and I’m sure you, long before tonight. They were outplayed by a better team, and as a coup de grace of the whole ridiculous situation, Andrei Markov may have injured a knee again.

Only this time it’s his left knee instead of his right. I have no words.

There’s really nothing to report. Rene Bourque finished off a nice Tomas Plekanec play, and although it’s nice that Bourque finally bulged the twine after 16 games, you or I could have scored on this play so it’s not really worth mentioning.

It’s great that the Habs lost. We can’t be winning and blow a nice draft pick now can we.

I’m trying to get enough words in here to make this a proper post, but I’m coming up short. Blake Geoffrion finally laced ’em up after sitting for a half dozen games. The Canadiens allowed two power play goals. Ryan White maybe has the flu, or maybe they’re just saying that so Geoffrion could suit up.

Random Notes:

Saturday night, the gang is in Washington, home of the baseball team that used to be the Expos. Alex Ovechkin at this very moment may be eating borscht.

Just four games left. Four games too many. Watching the Habs now is like listening to early cuts from American Idol.

Shots on goal – who cares.


3 thoughts on “Only Four Left”

  1. I happily missed this game tonight. Listened to a part of it on the radio but I really wasn’t all that interested. It’s not like it was a question of “will we lose?” but “how much will we lose by?”

    I wonder if we’ll actually score on the Capitals tomorrow.

    Well at least big changes are coming so at least that’s something to look forward to.

  2. Not only did Sather unload Gomez, but his team is in first place. And not through signing free agents……… I like him….. NY loves him…..

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