Only Five More To Go

Nice that the Islanders won their game against Pittsburgh. We want the bottom all to ourselves.

The Canadiens did what they do best. A blown lead in the third period, couldn’t get it done in overtime, and then a loss in the shootout. What do they say? It’s like deju vu all over again?

Florida beats the Habs 3-2, and all it means is, well…….nothing. Except Montreal got a lousy loser point and like I said, it’s good that the Islanders won.

Erik Cole tied the game at one in the first period, on a power play of all things, and in the second period, Louis Leblanc swept in on a three on nothing breakaway, made a nifty little move, and the Canadiens went ahead 2-1.

It was nice to see Leblanc show his stuff, but we all know from experience, in watching this club closely from pre-season till now, that a one-goal lead in the second period can only mean one thing.

That this thing was far from over.

And of course the Panthers would score in the third period to tie it. It’s what the script writer wrote. Next year, we’ve got to boot this scriptwriter in the ass and out of town.

That’s fine, this loss. My Russian gang watched it after eating their borscht. They love borscht. It’s a staple. Like beer for me. And by the way, we took this Russian family to Wal-Mart today and it was slightly embarrassing. Is today Welfare Tuesday or something?

If there was a highlight for me, aside from the solid work of Carey Price and Max Pacioretty, was what TSN colour guy Mike Johnson said. Johnson, a thoughtful and articulate fellow who played for the Habs in 2006-07 (11 goals, 20 assists), said that games after being eliminated mean more to teams like the Canadiens than they would to many others, because of the fan support. I so much liked to hear that. We put our hearts and souls into this team all season, and to see them just go through the motions doesn’t work for most of us. It doesn’t for me, anyway. It wouldn’t be right. We’ve put up with enough shit already.

That’s why Rene Bourque is in our bad books. And the others? You fill in the blanks.

Random Notes:

Florida outshot Montreal 36-29.

David Desharnais, Tomas Plekanec, and Louis Leblanc failed to score in the shootout. I like Cunneyworth’s choice of Leblanc. It gives the young fellow a chance to gain more confidence. He’s scored a beauty earlier, and set up Cole’s first period marker, and deserved a chance on the shootout.

Next game – Montreal travels 500 miles down the road to take on the Rangers at Madison Square Garden. It’ll be the Habs third straight Friday night tilt.



11 thoughts on “Only Five More To Go”

  1. Watching the intermission show they mentioned Forsberg might be a better pick for us. He’s not a “show up once in a while” player. So let’s go get him, unless we miss out on Yakupov.

    Cole reached a career-high tonight on a lousy team. Picture if we were a decent team – maybe he and Pacioretty could have hit 40 each. You can tell Cole loves playing here and it’s refreshing to see someone not only say it but show it on the ice. I hope he’s this good next season. I hope we’re all better next season.

    Only five more painful reminders left. I hope at 10:01 pm on the day of last game of the season they send out a note to the press announcing the firing of Gauthier and the buyout/send down of Gomez!

    Wish your family had seen a win.

  2. The Islanders have left us in the basement and are reaching for a lofty 10th place showing. It’s the Oilers and Wild from the west that we have to worry about taking our #2 pick. Also the Leafs who are falling fast. We need to stay down, so that we can finish the season by beating them without dropping in the draft order.

  3. Cams is racking them up for the Flames! Another incredible Gauthier move! Bravo! Bravo! Bravo!

    I’m taking April 9 as the day Molson fires Gauthier…

  4. Two bottom of the food chain experiences for your Russian gang, Walmart and the habs….. Subban is looking very good……

  5. Mike, I think Gauthier thought he was bringing in a bigger and tougher guy than Cammalleri, who could also score goals. Bourque is bigger, and that’s as far as it goes. Just a terrible deal so far. I’m like you. The sooner the firing, the better.

  6. Darth, I believe we will be better next year. The defence is solid, the Cole line is solid, the Pleks, Eller combo isn’t bad. And we’ve got some toughness and Price. Maybe Gallagher will make it. and we should have a nice draft pick. It’s just some of the fat we have to trim off. That means three or four need to be sent to Siberia. I’m staying positive. I can’t believe Molson and the other suits would let this circus go on for another year.

  7. DK, it sounds like south Oshawa at the no frills, full of amoeba people, single sell creatures from the primordial soup!!!

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