Only 5.2 Billion

The big news of course is Rogers (Sportsnet) buying the TV rights for hockey games across Canada for the next twelve years, including four years and beyond of Hockey Night in Canada. For 5.2 billion dollars.

CBC will still do the games, but Rogers collects money other ways. Whether or not Don Cherry and Ron MacLean continue remains to be seen. It’ll be up to the Rogers people but I’m guessing they will be. Love ’em or hate ’em, people still watch.

If Cherry stays, I’m hoping Hazel Mae replaces MacLean.

As they were saying on Prime Time Sports, this is a great thing, this massive deal. Hockey Night in Canada could have died if Rogers didn’t do this. CBC’s taxpayer dollars can’t handle 5.2 billion.

The big question is, will Habs fans see every Habs game like now? What about RDS? Can I get TVA? Where will certain broadcasters go? Will PJ Stock and Glenn Healy have to send their wives back to work?

I grew up with Hockey Night in Canada. It’s important to me.






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  1. Dennis, even if I could get TVA here in the middle of nowhere, I really don’t want those who are a “tad separatist” involving politics in my hockey. Molson has that covered just fine and dandy without the help.

    CBC has forced the Leafs down Newfoundland’s throat for decades. I expect it to continue. Ditto with Grapes and his sidekick.

    RDS will get 60 game leftovers, but no playoffs or all-star (meh who even cares) or winter class (see previous parentheses).

    Rogers is supposedly offering up an anti-blackout package for Canadian teams, no doubt for the low, low sum of only one arm and a leg.

    RDS is $4 bucks a month for 82 games. I’m looking at SN (love their enunciations of the names Packaretty and Pleksanitch) or Center Ice, which should run me 10 times the cost per month. Assuming Shaw will even have them to offer me here in the middle of nowhere.

    Yes, I hate this.

  2. Just a bit to the south, I kill the sound and listen to 690’s call on the radio…

    With TSN having the right to the Jets and the Habs for while, is it safe to say the “Canadiens on TSN” will see significantly more games, like all of them?

    Reading the Gazette blogs, it sounds like Stock and Hrudy will be surplanted by McKenzie and Dreager (toooooo bad, just think the Bruins apoligist and the five-hole bagpiper add so much) on Hockey Night in the Air Canada Centre.

    Too optimistic?

    (Have my tickets for the “home game” in Tampa on December 28!)

  3. It’s a shame RDS will lose the broadcast rights to TVA. RDS does a top-notch job covering the Habs. I highly doubt TVA will ever be as good as RDS has been all these years. It’s just one more thing ruined by the pursuit of the almighty dollar.

  4. Mike, please bring your camera to the Tampa game and send along some pictures. I’d like to see what their rink looks like.

  5. Danno, I really like RDS too, and Pierre Houde is as good as it gets. They keep talking about all the game choices we’ll have. I don’t want choices, i want 82 Habs games. Do you know if this will happen?

  6. I’m still trying to understand what it all means, Roz. So many on TV are saying it’s fantastic because of all the choices but I need to know how it’s all going to work Habs-wise.

  7. I’m tired of a world with “all the choices”. Can’t I just park my butt on a couch for a couple of hours and watch hockey? I like RDS. I’m used to RDS. And I like Pierre Houde, too. Frig.

  8. I guess we can hope and pray TVA scoops up the best of the RDS on-air personalities and doesn’t get too greedy by imposing blackouts and charging pay-per-view fees. Wishful thinking…

  9. From what I understand, local tv rights (and Montreal’s are owned by the Team 690, a TSN affiliate) are unaffected.

  10. Rogers controlling our access to hockey is as bad as it can get.

    This means a huge increase in league revenues so expect salaries to fly up again. Anyone remember the reason for the lock-out last season? I bet Bergevin wishes he made that long term deal with Subban, his price just increased significantly.

    And even worse, this screws Canadian fans who will be subsidizing the southern American teams even more than before. You’d think that $5B from Canada would warrant more than just our 7 teams compared to $2B from the US with their 23 teams. With all the money we’ll be sending them, Phoenix, Dallas, Florida, etc. can continue to charge $10 for a ticket in an empty area.

  11. Wow. What a scam. And to top it off, Molson can keep raking in the bucks with a full house even if we finish in last place. Meanwhile, that money is funneled down to teams you mentioned, Christopher, some of whom are in the top ten right now — and their fans couldn’t care less. This is so wrong on so many levels. Worse, no Canadian team has won the cup in how long?

    This hits home and is more upsetting to me than the lockout of last year. And with the big lawsuit building up, I’m reminded that its all about money, once again. How incredibly deflating.

  12. Read Habs Inside Out & it seems if RDS out bids TVA we keep all 82 games. I hope I read it correctly!
    Concerned in Laff Zone!!!!

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