11 thoughts on “One Player’s Claim To Fame”

  1. This will show my great immaturity but I got a laugh out of that name.

    The reason he was used so much was because this was the perfect reference photo for their needs. Some of the pics back then were nice but difficult to use.

    It’s a beautiful little piece though.

  2. I remember that game well. In the 70s to early 80s, by BIL dusted his off from the basement although he had to make one new man in his workshop. We played on the floor just like when we were kids. Except we didn’t feel like kids when we tried to get up. Groan, ouch, oohh! I wouldn’t dare to even contemplate doing that now.

  3. AC, I had a couple of different kinds of games growing up, including the one with Gamble. And I sure know what you mean by being on the floor and trying to get up. I look like I’m about 90 years old when I try now.

  4. Danno, when I was putting this little story together I tried to find out who the goalie was. It seems there’s a little Gerry McNeil in the pose, and also Turk Broda and George Hainsworth. But as far as the face goes, I’m stumped. Maybe someone can help. I’ll also keep on the case and maybe come up with the answer.

  5. excellent research mon most famous scribe. for some reason all these years i thought it was toe blake, but it looks nothing like blake. no copyright infringements with gamble…………………. the best thing about mr. gamble was the ability to put a wicked curve on that metal stick of his to go top shelf on the gay model they used for the leaf goalie.

  6. Danno, I’ve got the picture ready and I’ve done some looking around, and the closest I see is from someone who isn’t even a goalie. Coming up in awhile.

  7. Nice find. Dick is a relative of mine and he recently mentioned to me that they used him on the old games. He said they had everyone go through in a row and took their picture. They had no idea what for and I got the impression he didn’t even know he was going to be used for it and got no compensation for it.

  8. Interesting, Brian. Thank you. Players back then got ripped off left and right. I think they received nothing for their bubble gum cards and pretty well everything else too. And if you weren’t aware, Dick Gamble may not have been a star in the NHL but he was considered one of the best AHL players in the league with all kinds of potential. He was a great player and I’ve read often from other [layers about how important Gamble was.

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