Shorthanded Goal Changes Everything

It was going so well. Really well. Outshooting the Leafs 14-4 in the first period, throwing the puck around like it was March, not October. We knew a goal would come soon. Maybe many.

Bring on the second period. Let the Habs dazzle the opposition and the ACC crowd.

The big goal came all right. From the freakin’ Leafs. Shorthanded. The balloon was pricked. And in the end, the Torontonians earn a 2-0 win over Montreal, and as the Habs have done so many times over the past couple of decades, find a way to make the Leafs look like a great team.

How much of a bummer was it?

*No goals by a team which has had a knock against them in the past for not scoring goals.
*P.K. Subban caught twice which led to both Toronto goals.
*The Leafs changed everything by scoring shorthanded just 33 seconds into the second period. After that, the Habs lost any edge they had. The Leafs kicked it up a notch and the Canadiens didn’t.
*New Habs defenceman Chris Campoli, who already has had way too much press for the wrong reasons after the Malone hit and non-suspension, left the ice after getting his legs tangled up, and who knows, maybe we’ve lost him for awhile.

I just can’t stand it when we open the season in such a disappointing way. Behind the eight ball right off the bat. 

Random Notes:

Next game – Sunday afternoon in Winnipeg as the Jets open their season in what should be an emotional occasion. How great would it be for Montreal to ruin the Winnipeg Sabbath.

None of the Canadiens did much to rate a mention, although Carey Price came up big from time to time. Imagine if it would’ve been a Leafs blow-out? We can thank Price for this not happening.

If Campoli is out for any length of time, maybe Alexei Yemelin will come in, raise his game, and finally show what he’s made of.

It’s too early just yet to go on about Scott Gomez.


28 thoughts on “Shorthanded Goal Changes Everything”

  1. more of the same old shit. nothing has changed. arguably the fastest team in the league but do they use their speed to generate offence? a CLASSIC JM style game. for the last few weeks i have been listening to you guys rave about what a championship line up we have this year. elite was the big word. the only elite part of this team is carey price. i know it is only one game but it is the same old shit. you are right dennis, it is too early to go on about gomez but it is not too early to go on about jacques martin…………… but don’t listen to me.

  2. I know, Hobo. If the scorers don’t score, there’s nothing to say.The same old song and dance. I am listening to you, Hobo. Jacques Martin moves guys around, likes to be conservative. I don’t know. If they go on a big streak is it because of him or in spite of him?

  3. Not a JM fan. It is early and another slow start to the year. What happened to Cole and Max? And the rest. Kinda scarey but we have always managed to pull through. Maybe we need a home game to pick up the spirit a little. Luckily still early but I do hope JM gets fired.

  4. If it hadn’t of been for Reimer in the first the outcome of this game would have been much different. What I don’t get is that we dominate for the first period, then we let in one short-handed goal (which was a fluke goal since Carey had fallen down and was out of position) and then it all falls apart and we start playing in panic mode. Or like we were down 5 goals instead of 1.

    Cole was barely used on the PP, Spacek is terrible, passes were once again sent to no one (or they’d bounce off of people’s sticks)…sigh.

    I think JM has to go. He can’t use this team properly and he can’t motivate them. This is a game where we really missed Kirk Muller. We are playing the same way we did last season (thanks to JM) and this is a waste of talent. There is no way one goal should have caused the team to fall apart like that.

    Komisarek is a jerk and Cherry can go screw himself for implying Pacioretty asked for it. Asshole!

  5. First game of the season and J. Martin has to go …

    You guys are worse than the dump Ron Wilson campaign in Leaf Land

    Hey its just my Leafs..We started 4-0 last year and tanked

    Last night was just a fluke … or maybe it wasn’t ?

  6. @Leaf Fan: It’s not just this one game…it’s like two years of this guy. He cannot motivate the guys at all.

  7. Reporter: “Talking about the power play Jacques, is there any reason why you don’t use Erik Cole much in the power play?”

    Jacques Martin: “I think it doesn’t matter who you use. People have just got to do the job. We work with different people and they just got to do the job.”

    Can somebody explain the above for me please?

    It’s true everybody has to do their job, but it’s the coach’s job to put out the right player for the right situation. Who is more likely to score on the power play, a Darche, a Desharnais or a Cole?

    Jacques Martin remains an enigma.

    I have it on good authority that the mayor of Toronto, Rob Ford has declared today to be a holiday for his city. Yonge Street will be closed from noon to 2:00 pm so Leaf fans can hold their annual “We Beat the Habs” parade.

    Let them enjoy their little moment Dennis. It’s an 82-game season. We’ll enjoy much bigger moments in post-season while the Leafs miss the playoffs once again.


    The sky isn’t falling, not yet anyways.

    But I’ll be much happier if we take at least two out of the next three games. If we do that everything will be fine once again. Habs play Jets for their home opener on Sunday, then they are back home to play Calgary on Thursday and the Avalanche on Saturday.

    Two out of three ain’t bad. Then we’ll be back to playing .500 hockey.

    It isn’t too much to ask is it?

    Stay tuned.

  8. Beware the Jets on Sunday. The last time the Habs won the Cup they opened In Ottawa against a team of NHL castoffs who won 10 games that entire 92 season. And that home opener was one of the ten.
    That city and province lies in waiting for the red,white and blue. Just saying…it won’t be easy.

  9. I think JM’s time in Montreal is starting to run out. The guy makes decisions that make no sense, he can’t motivate a starving man to eat a sandwich, and he keeps juggling the lines all the time. Let them build some chemistry and work from there.

    Putting Cole on the third line and not even playing him on the PP? Come on.

    The worst is that when we are down a goal or two, we never seem to fight back. Other teams do but with us it’s like we don’t know how to do it. I could not believe how half-assed we were after being down a single goal.

    We will need time to come together (still in growing pains) but our reaction last night was a bit worrisome. I don’t think JM can coach this team properly. He’d probably be better as a Devils coach.

  10. JW – I’m already expecting a loss on Sunday. The Jets will be pumped and there is no way JM will get our guys half as pumped up for it. I think October is going to be a rough month for us.

  11. When the team announced earlier yesterday that Erik Cole was going to be on the third line, I was surprised. This is our big, strong goal scorer. Then I thought about it and came to the conclusion that it might balance our lines in a beautiful way and be stronger all the way though the lineup. Boy was I wrong. All it did was make Cole inivisible, and maybe it even took some of the enthusiasm out of him. We bring in a guy like that and put him on the third line? I don’t understand.

  12. Danno, it just isn’t good when we get so up for a game, with so much optimisim for the team, and then we get shut out by the Leafs. It absolutely sucks.

  13. to the TO fan on this site. His/her comments make a little sense but I have always wanted JM gone. I even wanted him gone the year before last. I want him gone because of his ‘work’ during the playoffs. He makes me sick with his stoic face when we need someone like the Buffalo coach or Torts or Muller.

    I have stated that it is only the first game and we will be fine come April. This isn’t the first game. This is 240+ game we have had to put up with his incompetence as a motivator. He isn’t a winner and his record proves that. He maybe won a conference title in the early 2000’s or late 1990’s but thats as close as he has come.

    To fan? I appreciate your comments but most of the habs fans here have never liked this guy.

  14. part of me would love to see the jets return in splendid victory, but please great spirit don’t let it happen

  15. Leaf Fan, it wasn’t a fluke. We’re really good at making your Leafs look good. Drives me crazy.

  16. Danno, you’re what we need today. Positive thinking. But we still came out of it with an in jury and Erik Cole on the third line. Geez how great would it have been if had gone perfectly? A big thumping of the Leafs, Cole and Gomez playing a remarkable game, and no one got hurt. I can’t even imagine.

  17. Losing to the current sad-sack, ex-arch-rival Leafs is usually the worst thing that can happen. But this loss is compounded by our next game against the Jets. Had we won, I would have been happy with an exciting close loss against the Jets in their first game in Winnipeg. The NHL owes Manitoba hockey fans a glorious homecoming and as JW pointed out similar karma won us the Stanley Cup in ’93. After the loss to the Leafs we now must beat the Jets as going 0-2 would be completely unacceptable. So basically this past game was a giant screw you from the Canadiens and Leafs to all Jet fans.

  18. Chris, I think Jets fans should be just content and happy about having a team and getting clobbered by the Habs shouldn’t really matter. It’ll be interesting to see how it goes. C’mon Montreal, ruin the party.

  19. @Mike

    Wow Mike… short but to the point ….I appreciate your true hatred of my

    Leafs…Hard core …. It was my response to my TV during last years losses to

    your Habs

    Last night it was fist pump city for me…Does not happen to often for me

  20. Hatred for JM is similar to the hatred for for Wilson in TO ….

    Last night during intro’s in TO Wilson heard a lot of boo’s

    I actually like his sarcasm he directs at the press in TO , he always one ups


  21. Leaf Fan, I find Wilson so arrogant. There’s just something about him. Although I have no idea if he’s a good coach or not.

  22. Dennis, check this out.

    HIO is running a survey and it indicates a lot of people don’t think Jacques Martin should be coaching the Habs.

    Here’s the results so far…

    Q: Do you think Jacques Martin is the right man to coach the Canadiens?

    * No (74%, 445 Votes)
    * Yes (26%, 160 Votes)

    Total Voters: 605

  23. Danno I think Martin would be great for a defense-minded team like the Devils. We’re supposed to be the Flying Frenchmen for crying out loud. Not the Dump and Chase and Protect a Lead Frenchmen.

    I really don’t mind the Leafs because it’s hard to hate a team that has done more to break the hearts of it’s own fans more than we could ever dream of doing.

    I’m still ticked we never got a Habs/Leafs Cup Final in 93.

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