One Of World’s Great Delicacies. Gone But Not Forgotten


I’ve been wanting to talk about this for awhile. It’s too important to not talk about.

For several decades, the Montreal Forum made the best hot dogs in the league. How could they not? In the house that housed THE TEAM, do you think the dogs would be sub-par? No, these were world-class dogs, steamed just right, with a bun that was a cross between regular bun and a slice of bread. They were better than Boston’s. Better than those Shopsy’s in Toronto. Better than those fancy yuppie bratwurst things. Better than them all.

The Forum hot dog was part of the mystique of going there. Habs and hot dogs. And beer and a program.

I found it important to add a select amount of relish evenly spread throughout to the Forum hot dog, making sure that one part didn’t have more than another part. A small, thin line of mustard was then added. This dog slid down the throat like a fresh prawn plucked from the waters of the Pacific near the gateway to Desolation Sound.

Two Forum hot dogs while watching the boys glide around the ice down below is pretty well as good as it gets. Along with several glasses of beer. And no more than two hot dogs because the taste buds could only handle so much jubilation at one time. If Big Bird blasted one from the point and the crowd erupted, sometimes mustard would ooze down the chin and onto the shirt, and possibly downward to the pants. No matter. When the team scores and you not only have a cold glass of beer but also one of the world’s great foods, the Forum hot dog, half-eaten in your hand and ready to be chomped on at any second, who cares about a little mustard on the Sunday clothes?

And I’m just sick about the opportunity I passed up. Several years ago one of the Forum hot dog steamers came up for auction, AND I PASSED ON IT. I can’t believe it. I could be eating a Forum dog at this very second. If I would’ve bought that steamer the mustard would right now be dripping down my chin and onto the keyboard and getting between the keys and jamming it up and my computer wouldn’t work so well. That would suck. But it’d be a Forum hot dog that wrecked my computer. And I wouldn’t have to worry about buying other groceries. I’d just eat Forum hot dogs. Except at breakfast when I have my usual beer and eggs.

I’m planning to go to Montreal in the fall to see a game at the Bell Centre, and I’m going to be buying a hot dog. Will it measure up? Will it be like a Forum hot dog? Will it slide down my throat like a fresh prawn from Desolation Sound? The suspense is killing me.

And one last thing. Yes, the Maple Leaf company has had a few issues recently with their meats. But making silly jokes about that would only distort the big picture. I’m sure Maple Leaf is a fine company. They have to be. They made the Forum hot dog for goodness sakes.

5 thoughts on “One Of World’s Great Delicacies. Gone But Not Forgotten”

  1. What I take from this article is that Maple Leaf Foods justifiably chose to associate their hot dogs with greatness rather than a team with the same name.

  2. Beer and eggs for breakfast. Sounds like a reasonably balanced diet. I’m going to try it this week. Nothing like a noble hot dog to enhance the hockey experience. Hope it’s as good as you remember.

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