One More For Tampa And Detroit


The Canadiens must now wait for the Lightning and Red Wings to battle it out in game seven after Tampa held on for a 5-2 win in game six.

I’m not sure whom I want Montreal to face. Both teams look decent. Originally I would’ve said Red Wings after the Canadiens skunked them four games to none during the season while the Habs lost all five to Tampa. But either way is fine. Bring ’em on.

Detroit was Henri Richard and Claude Provost’s favourite place to play, although at that time it was at the Olympia, which opened in 1927 with the Detroit Cougars (and then Falcons), and closed in 1979 when the Red Wings, who played under that name from 1932 on, took over the brand new Joe Louis Arena.

When I was playing bantam or midget hockey in Orillia, our coach told us we had the choice of playing in a tournament somewhere in Ontario, or in an exhibition game at the Olympia in Detroit.

We had a vote, and the majority of the guys voted to play in the tournament. I was pissed then and I’m still now. I never understood my teammates about this. We were in lots of tournaments, but the chance to play at the Olympia was a once in a lifetime thing.

I’ll bet the guys don’t even remember the tournament. I don’t. But we’d all remember the Olympia.

12 thoughts on “One More For Tampa And Detroit”

  1. The nice thing about a game seven between Tampa and Detroit is both teams will be pounding each other into a fine powder before whoever wins advances to play the well-rested Habs.

  2. When asked by a reporter how come he wasn’t wearing a mask when all the other goalies in the NHL had started wearing one, he said: “My face is my mask”

    I love Gump.

  3. I don’t know if he’s been called up but his name is on the roster. Doesn’t that usually mean they’re playing?

  4. We have a good chance against Tampa if we can keep Johnson and Stamkos off the sheet. Bishop will be hard to beat and that is a given. I kind of thought our team would be better equipped to play Detroit but I guess you have to play what’s i n front of you…..

  5. We can win this, Cliff, that’s for sure, and it would be nice if Stamkos continues to stay scoreless. But mostly, our scorers need to start scoring. Go Habs! Can’t wait for Friday.

  6. DK, Carr played for the Powell River Kings in 2010 according to the info Danno dug up. So he must be great as all great things come out of P/R! 🙂

  7. Mike, that’s amazing! A Powell River King in the Habs organization. Now I’m really hoping he cracks the lineup down the road. In 2010 I’m sure I didn’t get to even one Kings game. It’s good hockey. At that time I was working all kinds of weird shifts at the ferries, and on Saturday the Habs were the priority. So having lots of free time for local games was difficult. It’s cool to see this.

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