One Man’s Junk Is…..

Under the well-used heading of “one man’s junk is another man’s treasure”, are two things I found during my recent trip to Woodstock (Bethel) and Cooperstown.

First, from the dairy farm of Max Yasgur, the man who let organizers use his land for the 1969 Woodstock festival, is this Yasgur milk bottle.

It’s not an original 1950s/60s bottle, those sell for about $500. Mine came later, I’m not sure when, and I paid $8 for it. But it’s a real Yasgur milk bottle, I’m sure there was milk in it at one point, and it looks just dandy on my shelf.

Milk bottle

From Cooperstown, I found this. In the 1960s, Yankee Stadium sold popcorn in these and when one removed the cap, it became a megaphone! It’s perfect for my vintage popcorn box collection.


I showed some of the photos below on Facebook recently, so basically, these are for folks who aren’t on Facebook. The rest of you, just go for a beer. There some different ones, though.

Festival organizers were truly lucky to find Yasgur’s land after previous sites near the villages of Woodstock and Wallkill fell through. The site is huge, with a nice sloping hill down to the stage area, it has a nearby forest to go to the bathroom or get frisky in, and White Lake is just down the road to go skinny dipping.

It’s also been called a natural amphitheater. Just perfect, and Max Yasgur loved the kids who invaded. Many of the Bethel townsfolk didn’t though.

Lucy and I spent several hours there and came back again the next day. There’s also a beautiful museum on the site.

Bethel 6









Below, Lucy’s video.

The peace sign at Woodstock, done with some sort of grass cutter, reminds of one I did behind my backyard in Calgary years ago. I got shit from the city for that because it was on municipal property.


6 thoughts on “One Man’s Junk Is…..”

  1. Love the Habs emblem on city property. Surely you knew that wasn’t going to fly? Who ratted you out or did the city just know?
    Cheers JW.

  2. It faced a busy street Jim, so I guess someone in a car wasn’t crazy about it. A Flames fan I guess. The city guy knocked on our door a day or two later.

  3. Hello Denis!

    My 9 yr old son is a tall Atom goalie. I just introduced him to Ken Dryden, when he was thinking about numbers for the winter.

    Do you know of a source of a a big (3’W x 5’H) poster of Ken in The Pose?

    Super fun site. Love the CH in the grass in CGY.

    James Harradence

  4. Thanks James. Offhand I don’t know of a poster that big. It’s huge. But I promise I’ll keep it in mind and if I come across one, I’ll get it for you and your son.

  5. You’re a lucky man Dennis. From my unmarried view of marriage, a man’s treasures are often viewed as a basement/garage/office full of junk by the wife. Happy wife, happy life. Upset wife, no life.

  6. It’s true, Christopher, I’m very lucky. Lucy has put up with the weird stuff around the house. Including me of course.

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