Once Upon A Time There Were Three Rocks


Once upon a time there were three rocks painted red with a Montreal Canadiens crest on them. They were nice rocks, clean rocks, and they kept papers from blowing away and stopped doors from closing.

They were good, honest, hardworking rocks.

Then, for some reason, the rocks began to do a poor job. Papers under them began getting loose, blowing around and scattering. Doors that were held open suddenly began closing with the slightest breeze.

The rocks just couldn’t do the job anymore. Were they too small? Did they not compliment each other? Was the owner who placed them on the papers and by the door not doing a good enough job?

The rocks are now out of sight, sitting near the basement.

10 thoughts on “Once Upon A Time There Were Three Rocks”

  1. I’m sorry that I have to say it, but it’s right in front of me. This joke might even sound cheap.
    “just couldn’t do the job anymore. Were they too small? ” That’s what she said.

  2. I don’t have any allegiance to Mr. Martin, and if he’s the problem
    than let him go, contract be damned.
    PLEASE don’t let it be Mr. Gainey.
    That would be too much to take.
    He is our last tie to the good times.
    Let Guy have another shot, maybe no one will notice yet another
    change, and we won’t be laughed out of the league.
    P.S. when things get this bad, i pretend I’m a leafs fan.
    Puts it all in perspective.

  3. Dennis, what about Maxime La-pierre?

    pierre /pj??/ feminine noun stone;

    From WordReference.com Dictionnaire Français-Anglais

  4. Time to get a hate on for the Senators ….. They are pretty good …

    Alas the saviour has arrived in Toronto… Celine Dion Phaneuf …. Its what keeps us Laff fans still ticking.. Go Leafs Go

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