Once Again The NHL Gets It Wrong

They went upstairs, as they say, to review a puck on the goal line during the Chicago-St. Louis game, and it was ruled a goal.

Look at the replay below and you’ll see it wasn’t a goal at all. It was obvious. There was no one blocking the view, it wasn’t under a pad or player, it was simply a puck that slid along the line without crossing. And not only did the puck not cross the line but it was also kicked.

The “goal” scored by Marian Hossa, began the Hawks’ comeback and in the end the Calgary Flames, even though they had won their own game, were eliminated.

I’m getting very tired with what is going on in the NHL now, with Bettman and his lackeys, poor attendance in non-hockey markets, concussions, suspension issues, and now they can’t even look at a TV screen properly.

If the so-called brain trust decided this was a goal, which obviously wasn’t the case, what does that tell you?

A. They are all blind.

B. They’re idiots.

C. They were getting bad reception.

D. They all wanted Chicago in the playoffs and not Calgary.

E. What else could it be?

21 thoughts on “Once Again The NHL Gets It Wrong”

  1. Dennis, I’m glad you bring the truth out in your blog. Definately NOT a goal. If that wasn’t it a kick in, I don’t what is.

    Shall we raise money and send white canes to Bettman?

  2. Oh Dennis. That is just awful. Hossa made an obvious kicking motion and that alone should have been reason enough to disallow the goal, not to mention the fact that the puck never crossed the line.

    Are the refs on drugs or what? Hello! This is hockey, not soccer…

    Actually, I pick D as the reason why.

    This is just another example of corruption in the NHL.

    If I was a Flames fan I’d be fuming about this.

    Because of such stupidity we only have two Canadian teams in the playoffs.

    What a disgrace!

  3. Dennis,

    I saw that and thought what a shocker. But maybe one of you wise owls can clear this up for me as my knowledge of the rules can be sketchy.

    When the on ice officials refer it, do they set the terms of the referral (as happens in rugby for instance)? Here they may have asked whether the puck crosses the line? (Bearing in mind that it must be clear enough to justify changing the on-ice decision)

    Or, once a goal is referred for one reason, does any other incident come into play, such as the obvious kicking of the puck. And how far back into the build up can they look if that is the case.

    It was the only reason I can think of to justify such an appalling misuse of the technology.

    I’m sure there was an equally mistifying case of something blatant being overlooked in a referral last season but it escapes me for the moment.

  4. That should be “mystifying”.

    Oh and be sure and get your commemorative coins for the Royal Wedding!

    The BBC says you can buy them in Mint shops. The idea that on every street corner in Canada there is a little old lady behind the counter in a shop selling only mints is very attractive and yet another reason to visit.


  5. (A little bit of cutting out the non applicable parts)

    78.6 Video Review – Any potential goal requiring video review must be reviewed prior to or during the next stoppage of play. No goal may be awarded (or disallowed) as a result of video review once the puck has been dropped and play has resumed. See Rule 38.

    However, if the apparent goal by Team A is deemed to have entered the goal, albeit illegally (i.e. distinct kicking motion), the goal shall be disallowed by the Video Goal Judge.

    I would have called that a “gift” and not a “goal”!!!

  6. Our Prime Minister sends his regrets as he will not be able to attend the Royal Wedding. He’ll be too busy with the election campaign.

    That leaves room for two other people.

    Dennis, did you and Luci get your invite yet?

  7. DK, the correct answer is ALL OF THE ABOVE!
    It was great to see Lucieana & oh you also( really enjoyed our time with you guys! ) Congrates on 2000 may there be 22,000 more.
    Les Canadiens Sont La!!!!

  8. Mike, it tremendous to spend those few hours with you and Diana. Hope to do it again soon.

  9. Danno, I read Murphy’s gobbleygook twice and still not sure if he was watching the same game. The NHl guys-in-charge are a joke.

  10. Did Hossa kick the puck, most definitely yes.
    Did he touch the puck with his stick afterwards, probably not.
    Was there definitive proof that he didn’t touch it, doesn’t look like it.

    Did the puck cross the goal line, again probably not.
    Was there definitive proof that it didn’t go in, again doesn’t look like.
    Did Conklin push the puck in while pulling it out, very unlikely.
    Is it theoretically possible that it jumped in under his blocker and pads, mmaayybe.

    What I want to know is did O’Halloran see Hossa redirect the puck with his stick after kicking it and then see the puck go in the net just before Conklin retrieved it? I wonder if had he watched the video, would he still think it was a goal? Or would he realize he had missed something and overturn it himself?

    Calling this a goal makes about as much sense as hockey in Phoenix? But this is Buttman’s NHL where common sense doesn’t apply. So by its idiotic rules, I think they got it right.

    Of course had it been a goal by a Canadian team, they would have found a reason to overturn it.

  11. Dennis I am glad someone else is saying it like it is. When Alan Eagleson was removed from Hockey all it has done is open a door for new corruption it looks like to me. Funny thing about the NHL they are so obvious when they are trying to market ideas. Let’s use the shoot out . The pressure t push it was incredible last season. this year not much of it. Let’s look at how they are trying to pull out all the stops to promote Hockey In Atlanta. they go so far as to bring in 4 Canadian African players. Sorry but the Atlanta Flames proved this City is not nor will it ever be a Hockey City. I live 3 hours north west I wont even waste they time to go there. Here is the biggest folly of the NHL.
    Promoting a Hockey player before he even plays in the NHL. Creating the next
    one. What the hell is that?? Hello I thought you produced then you get rewarded. That said the NHL is getting a serious marketing lesson for putting al the eggs in one basket with Sid out. these is no doubt he is wonderful player but you do not design the league around one player. Lou and his dopey deal with the New Jersey Devils and the ghost Kolvie! Another Folly! the bottom line give the control of the NHL back to Canada. It is there treasure and they have been kind enough to share it. kick Bettmans ass down the road. one other thing wait til you see Hockey go into an International Platform. See where the Stanley Cup ends up. Conspiracy? I say keep an eye on that situation. They are not sending the NHL teams overseas to start the season for no reason. Just my half a cents worth! Good post Dennis!

  12. Thanks, Wnc. I’m very, very tired of blunders from front office and even more than that. I’m also very tired of TV analysts pretending to know everything, and the criticism of new and interesting players such as PK Subban. They’ve tried to ruin him before he even gets started. Watching a hockey game now is watching a stream of negativity from these people. It didn’t used to be like that. In earlier days a hockey broadcast was a celebration. I believe Gary Bettman is as arrogant as they come and doesn’t understand things, particularly about putting another franchise back in Canada, not to mention that at some point someone’s going to get killed or paralysed. Everything has been smelling in the last decade or so with these people at the helm. I also appreciate very much what you said about Canada and I thank you for that. Hope you come back to this site. You’re added some very relevant remarks.

  13. Sadly, what you bring up is just the tip of the iceberg. The corruption is ongoing since the original six (as if that means anything). Players’ lives well-being & livelihoods are being tossed around like so much flotsam & jetsam, while a certain few people mMs millions off them (interesting how those folks are all related to the Bruins). I’m a newish hockey fan because of the Sharks, who don’t think hockey is synonymous with cage fighting on ice, but if Bettman the henchman & friends don’t get sent to jail, I’m soon going to be an ex- hockey fan.

  14. Satyafrog, it absolutely has been going on for decades but at least Eagleson and others are gone now. Now Bettman, who was never a hockey man, has continued the tradition. Ken Dryden should be top dog and Canada should have the Phoenix and Atlanta franchises.

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