Once Again, The Canadiens……….

Bruins 2, Habs 1.

But enough about the game.


Random Notes:

Eight preseason games are about four too many in my book. I’m tired of seeing a dozen or so young guys and a small handful of regulars play in these contests. Four or five games, with about 12 prospects in the mix and not several dozen, is enough, at least for me. 

I’d rather see the majority of the real team get in some serious preseason action so they can gel properly. If fans are going to pay large amounts of money for tickets, parking, beer, and hotdogs, they deserve to have a reasonably fine product to watch.

The more games there are, the higher the chance of injury before the season even gets underway. It’s already a long season. Cut the preseason short, begin the regular season earlier, and have the parade down the streets of Montreal long before summer kicks in.

And while I’m in a complaining mood, I want to point out a very important thing.

Many of you know I’ve been campaigning for the last 48 years to be stick boy, and tonight showed a fine example of why they need me.

Brendan Gallagher, in the heat of action, lost or broke his stick and went to the bench to get another. He waited and waited as the action continued around him. There were four trainer/equipment guys standing behind the bench in their fine blue Habs jackets, and they were so slow to react to finding a stick for young Gallagher, that a player on the bench finally handed him his, which was too big but had to do at the time.

I’ve said many times that I would be lightning-fast in this regard, and the slowness of the trainers is unacceptable. Are you listening, Pierre Gauthier?

Next game – Thursday, the 29th, when Tampa Bay comes to town.


15 thoughts on “Once Again, The Canadiens……….”

  1. Well, the tickets cost about 150 bucks. I was lucky to get them for roughly the actual ticket price (a miracle in Montreal).

    Parking was bad. The cheapest spot was 20 bucks and one place wanted 31 bucks (why the odd number I don’t know). I parked across the street from the Bell Centre and it cost 25 bucks.

    I bought a beer for myself, a Coke for my girlfriend, and two slices of pizza and all together it cost 27 dollars. Beer at the BC costs 10 bucks.

    We went to the Fan Zone and I bought my girlfriend a t-shirt and I got a wooden stick souvenir with all the Habs’ logos on it to put on my wall. That was 60 bucks.

    So a night at a game costs a lot (they are such a money-making machine).

    The place was packed beyond belief and it was extremely loud. It was louder than the last time I went (which was the infamous March 8th game).

    I’m not sure what the game looked like on tv, but in person it went like this:

    Carey kept us in it. It could have easily been another 6-1 game if it hadn’t been for him. Our defence work wasn’t that great in spots and Carey had to make a few great saves to keep it close. I don’t blame him for the loss at all. The poor guy can only do so much.

    There was way too much dump and chase on our part. I think we did it well over 10, 15 times. Each time we’d dump it in, have to go chasing it, lose it to the Bruins, then chase them and try to get it back…I wish we’d try to bring it in a lot more!

    Passes were often made to empty ice – our guys would be ten feet away from it, etc. Sometimes the puck was then picked up by a Bruin. A few long passes were attempted but they went straight to a B’s stick.

    The Bruins had a better flow to their game than we did. You could tell we had a mixed-up crew on the ice. The Bruins had more of their regulars on the ice so they worked better and passed better. With us you had plays that were attempted but we couldn’t make it work because someone wasn’t in the spot he should be.

    Both teams weren’t really playing 100%. You could tell they were taking it a bit easy on both sides. They’re keeping it for the regular season.

    Two things we need to work on: 1. Target Practice and 2. Patience with the puck.

    Some of the guys shoot the puck the moment it touches them. Sometimes it’s understandable why, but other times they had time to pause and wait a bit, then fire it at the net. Let the goalie commit himself then shoot!

    Spacek wired the puck and almost hit about 5 guys (Bruins and Habs). The whole crowd let out a gasp. Had it hit someone, someone would have been to the dentist last night.

    Lucic got booed a lot and he also slashed a player across the legs (wasn’t called for it).

    Overall it wasn’t a bad game but it really felt like a pre-season game. Some parts of it really felt half-assed.

    Gallagher is going to be a superstar.

  2. Dennis,

    It may be partly my fault that they haven’t seen fit to make you stick boy this season. It’s all been a terrible mis-understanding.

    I wrote to the organisation in my rather poor French suggesting they use you. I tried to say how committed you were.

    They’ve just written back stating that under Quebec’s mental health regulations they’re not allowed to employ anyone around the bench area who is currently institutionalised. Health and Safety or something.

    I’ll do my best to sort this out.

  3. your knowledge of the game, quickness of hand, dedication to the position, campoli’s girl friend, just a few of the reasons pierre should make the move NOW………………the baby habs are win less in pre season, i don’t consider a shoot out win as winning a game, so it is time to see how the big boys gel instead of gambling with 2 big points when the season starts.

  4. Darth, like Hobo said – “very interesting.” I tallied your numbers and it came to $412. And for $412 you should at least see most of the regular team with a few prospects trying to make the team, and when you said they were taking it a bit easy on both sides and saving it for the regular season, it just tells me again that there are too many preseason games and they should begin the regular season earlier.
    Your breakdown of the game is just great. I really appreciate you telling us your thoughts. I thought Carey held them in too but I also thought he seemed slightly shaky throughout. Just like last year at this time so I’m not concerned. Dumping and chasing and never coming up with the puck, as you said, is a concern and needs to be addressed. Dumping it in can be a fine play if it can be retrieved, so they need to work on this in practice once the roster gets sorted out more.
    Those guys who hurry the puck don’t have that extra special patience big-leaguers are known for. I know when I was a smallish-yet-shifty right winger for Byers Bulldozers I would do this if I thought the coach hated my guts. If I thought he liked me and was in a good mood, I would try to hang on to it longer and practice my Ralph Backstrom moves more.
    Thanks a lot, Darth, for a terrific writeup.When I’m owner, I’m seriously thinking about making you head coach.

  5. Blue Bayou, this is shocking. I’ve been stuck out here saving lives on the ocean when I could’ve been the stick boy, all because of your lousy French? Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate your effort, but you’ve ruined my life.

  6. Hobo, it really is time to see a semblance of the real team. If this keeps up, they’ll still be trying to gel when they go to Toronto for game one. And that, as we all know, is a game we need to win. For a variety of reasons. Number one being – it’s the Leafs.

  7. So what we have here is basically a couple of scrimmage games -friendly matches that count for nothing – where the Providence Bruins beat the Hamilton Bulldogs with a couple of NHL regulars thrown in.

    I still say CHILL!

    But if we get shellacked on October 6th, start to panick….

  8. Thank you Dennis…but head coach? You hate the team that much? 🙂

    That dump and chase thing was pretty bad last night. Oh man, is it ever bad. It was ridiculous. I can see dumping it if you have the opposing team closing in on you and you want to get the puck in their zone but all the time? This is a game where we really needed Pacioretty or Cole.

    One thing that was interesting to note and my girlfriend picked up on this: a lot of the players are turning their backs and facing the boards (a stupid thing to do). It’s like they are inviting a hit in hopes of the opposing player getting a suspension. Not really a very intelligent way to do things.

  9. darth, whether u feel qualified or not, take the gig. you’ll get the hang of it and you’ll get more pussy than you can shake a vintage rocket richard stick at.

  10. Hobo – I don’t think I could deal with all the criticism. Having every move second-guessed and having people wanting my head after every loss would drive me nuts. I’m thick-skinned but I’d get so annoyed with it that I’d get into trouble with the press when I finally snap and tell them to f off. The women would be nice though…if I were single. 🙂

    Speaking of women, last night there was a woman who came with her boyfriend and it was obvious she was not a hockey fan. She was a total trophy girlfriend type and she had this full-body tan, long fake eyelashes, super-tight clothes, and heels that were way too high. She kept coming and going the whole night but she could barely walk. Everyone kept watching her, not because she was hot (admittedly she was) but because everyone was waiting for her to go flying down the stairs.

    Where we were, the stairs aren’t all that big and she went up and down them on those damn heels like she was walking on eggshells. It was the ghosts that kept her from falling I think. She could barely walk. She looked more ridiculous than hot really.

    I shouldn’t say this, but what the hell. One interesting thing about sitting high is when girls come in and go up the stairs…well, you can see some interesting views. Not that I took any enjoyment out of it of course. I was too busy watching the jumbotron. Ahem.

  11. Well, Darth, if you feel uncomfortable as head coach I’ll have to think up something else. What about the guy who paints the lines? It wouldn’t be steady work but you get to watch the games from the zamboni room.

  12. Dennis, I’ll take anything as long as it lets me watch games. I couldn’t work inside (at the stands and stuff) because it would kill me to stand there and hear the noise coming from the rink and not be able to watch.

    If I had Rocket’s stick, that would be in a display case on my wall…or in a vault.

    Pouliot’s old stick I’d use maybe.

  13. Darth, I have a Beliveau stick in a display case. I’ve always wanted to have Rocket’s and I see them from time to time, but they’re in the $4000 range so it’s not going to happen anytime soon.
    Pouliot’s – yes. We can wave that around.

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