Once Again, I Hate (Possibly Dislike) The All-Star Game

I wrote this at this time last year, and I’ll probably even put it back in next year.

 Like the title says, I don’t like the NHL All-Star game. I dislike the nonchalant approach, the smiles and friendliness among those who normally dislike each other and three days from now will be trying to send their new-found buddies through the glass face-first. I hate the football scores. I dislike the smug looks on the players as they play pond hockey. I’m annoyed with the announcers going overboard in explaining how great everyone is. I’m not crazy about the fancy little skating and shooting contests. So I don’t watch it. It’s my right.

 Remember the 1970 baseball All-Star game when Pete Rose bowled over catcher Ray Fosse at home plate?  Rose was playing to win. It was part of his soul. The Rocket, Ted Lindsay, John Ferguson Sr. and Doug Harvey had similar spirits, and this is what I like. Not this kissy-face shit we see now. 

 Years ago, the all-star team played the previous year’s Stanley Cup champs. Everyone had something to prove. The champs wanted everyone to see they were still champs. The all-stars wanted another go-round at the champs. It was serious hockey. Players thumped and walloped. Goalies stood on their heads. Fans got a real treat, and their money’s worth.

 Now, there’s so many players, the league doesn’t want to have just 20 all-stars. And teams don’t want anyone to get hurt. So we get to see a love-in now instead. If I want to see a love-in, I’ll rent Pamela and Tommy’s honeymoon video.

15 thoughts on “Once Again, I Hate (Possibly Dislike) The All-Star Game”

  1. Just watched a segment on the 6:00 CBC news about the fans stacking the starting line-up with Hab players. Another reason to dislike the game. The NHL needs to fix this farce. Have fan voting, but they’ve got to put a stop to robo-ballot stuffing.

  2. Lawrence, you’re so yesterday. This is old news. And anyway, we’ve got passionate fans who voted often, hoping to see Habs in the lineup. What’s wrong with that?

  3. Damn, Dennis, first jordy and now lawrence – I’m hooped! I’ve gotta go with the canucklehead here. Dennis, u don’t watch the all-star game (neither do I) for very good reasons and lawrence’s objections certainly factor into the `why’ equation here. Of course, what le canucklehead is conveniently omitting is that the canucklehead tribe (hardly a nation)would try to do the same only they simply lack the numbers and the passion.

  4. If the players had as much passion playing the game as fans did voting, then I’d probably like the All-star game. I don’t like all the smiling.
    And Lawrence, these votes were for the starting lineup, which means only the first 25 seconds of the game. Don’t worry. Ovechkin’s there.

  5. I know Ovechkin’s there. It’s just ridiculous that he’s not on the first line. I doubt you’d see this in baseball.

  6. Dennis: I’m glad I touched your heart. I’m standing for facts and rationality. You stand for partisanship. Didn’t you support McCain?

  7. Pens, Ducks, and Hawks fans did the same thing to get their guys in.

    With the loss of the Grand Prix, this ASG is really making the town happy. Long gone are the days of Stars vs Cup Champs (hell the cup champs aren’t even here except their coach). NHL is all about money and marketing, and if it brings in something extra for my town then more power to it. I wouldn’t watch it if it were in Phoenix though, that’s for sure.

    Want a real All-Star Game? Overthrow Bettyman!

  8. A good way to fix the all-star game?

    Get rid of the young guns game, and have it so everyone under the age of 25 plays against everyone over the age of 25 (or whatever number you want to use to split the ages).

    I think the young guys would want to prove they belong, while the older guys would want to show the young guns that the younger players are not all they’re cracked up to be.

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