Once Again – Big Game, Big Win!

Wins on Saturday in Ottawa and Sunday in Montreal, and the Canadiens sizzle while the Senators fizzle.

Sunday it was 4-1 Canadiens, with the boys dominating often throughout, forcing turnovers that led to several partial breakaways, playing tough along the boards and in the crease, taking no shit in scrums late in the game, and making Sens goalie Craig Anderson look ordinary while Carey Price looked his brilliant self.

Price, with an amazing toe save on Kyle Turris in the second period when it was still a 2-1 game, demonstrated exactly how unreal goaltending can win games or change momentum.

A key stop at a key time. Just another day at the office for our main man.

Ten games left for the bleu, blanc et rouge before the real stuff begins. And to me at least, they’re rounding into form at the perfect time.

I’m feeling sad for Ottawa fans. They were pumped for the back-to-back series that would see their team catapult over Montreal and into first place in the Atlantic Division.

But it didn’t happen. And how sad do I feel?

To see the Canadiens win both, the second one handily, makes my heart soar like a bird flying high in the Chinese sky!

But I’m not one to gloat or be biased.  No way. It’s not polite and I don’t want that reputation. It’s not my fault that the Sens suck.

Random Notes:

Tomas Plekanec, scoreless in twenty games or so, got his team rolling at the 28-second mark of the first period, and after Ottawa evened things, Jordie Benn put the gang in front after his long shot deflected off a Senator D-man’s stick.

No lamps lit through the second, but the Canadiens broke it open in the third when Paul Byron, with his 20th, and Nathan Beaulieu on the power play, put the game out of reach.

Ain’t hockey great when your favourite team deflates a rival that’s trying to catch them? It’s good for the soul. It makes hockey fun again. It makes me forget the negatives, like another possible lockout down the road for example.

It makes it all good. At the expense of the Ottawa Senators and their fans!

Random Notes:

Montreal outshot Ottawa 37-30.

Montreal sits at 6 wins and 2 losses so far in March. Or if you want to go back further, they’ve lost just three times in their last thirteen games.

Next up – Tuesday, when it’s Detroit paying a visit.

Thursday they host Carolina, and then it’s the Ottawa Senators once again. But I shouldn’t get ahead of myself. For now, I’m just going to sit here and feel bad for Sens fans.



11 thoughts on “Once Again – Big Game, Big Win!”

  1. Paul Byron has become to the Sens what that pesky Jean Gabriel Pageau used to be to the Habs. Too bad his second goal was disallowed but four goals in his last four games isn’t too shabby. I am really happy with Budget Brent Burns aka Jordie Benn who continues to play solid defence in a very workmanlike manner and even said it was lots of fun to jump in and help Radulov out when the Sens tried to goon it up.

  2. Byron’s a beauty, eh Danno. So quick, blasts out of his end like few can. A really solid addition, as is Benn for sure. In fact, each in their own way have become two really key guys. I’m wondering now how Julien will use Price for the remaining ten games.

  3. Won’t be putting eggs in their shoulder pads anymore…they might break on a check. Quite different team now. They don’t get manhandled like last ????years. And Julien says we can..I say, we WILL, be better. Good to hear Dennis has regained his “soaring heart” mode!!

  4. Gawd I’m red-faced after predicting a ottawa senator’s win.The Habs Price is the big piece of the picture, but the team showed poise and maturity that augers well for the play-offs.The trades added beef instead of speed eg. King but players like Radulov,Byron continue to delight. Benn is slow but is offset by the regular stars, Patch always seems to show flashes of super stardom. Playoffs should be entertaining.

  5. I haven’t posted in awhile manly because of Rogers TV deal and I rely on DK’s reports.
    But someone tell me what’s up with Chucky? I think all of us who have played the game had a guy like him, a total puck hog. Does this dude not realize he has wingers (Patch &Radu)? I can’t count the times with his fancy stick handling but not passing the damn puck he ends up losing it. That leaves his team mates scratching their heads wondering WTF was that! I think he’s another Yakapov a legend in his own mind. With Danault that was a very productive line but now they’re standing around wondering what boy wonder is going to do. Move him to the wing on the 2nd or 3rd line. If this his way of trying for a new contract he’s going about it as though he wants out in my opinion. Enough said, on a positive note we are starting to send out an emphatic message that we’re going to be a team to fear in the 2nd season! GO HABS GO !!!!

  6. Looking at that goal by Beaulieu I was reminded of Jacques Laperriere. He used to wind up at the point and blast them. That got me thinking so I looked at their stats. Can you believe those two are the same height and weight?? I guess the jerseys were tighter back then…and the pads smaller. Only difference is Nathan won’t end up in the HOF.
    Love this site by the way. Always cracks me up. Refreshing to find guys that say it like it is without fear of political correctness.

  7. Thanks Billy. Appreciate that. Yes, Laperriere looked much thinner. Maybe it was the combination of smaller pads and bone structure. I hadn’t thought about comparisons to him and Beaulieu and it’s interesting. I just think Laperriere was a bit more steady and dependable. And I think it was the Gazette’s Pat Hickey who said recently that Beaulieu definitely wasn’t the smartest guy on the roster. Thanks again.

  8. You should be ashamed of yourself, Gary. Predicting a Sens win. Geez. And I’m in total agreement about all the players you mentioned. Thanks my friend.

  9. Mike, what’s going on with your Rogers package? As far as Chucky goes, he still seems to be finding himself and it’s taking longer than we imagined. He’s got everything it takes to be a star, and he scored a couple of big goals recently, but he doesn’t dominate yet. Maybe next year. Or maybe in the playoffs when the team goes on a nice long run!

  10. They’re different for sure, Peter. A combination of grit and speed now, with Price doing his thing. I can feel their chemistry, unlike when MT was behind the bench. I’m hoping like crazy that they continue to look good for all remaining ten games. Get the momentum revved up for the playoffs. Could be a great spring!

  11. DK, I didn’t want to go on another rant about Rogers blacking out about 65 % of Montreals games. GO HABS GO !!!

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