Once Again, A Night In The KHL

For whatever reason, I just don’t feel ready yet to move on from what just happened in Russia, and I think that now isn’t the time to post some slightly frivolous things I have ready to go. And so I’ve gone into my archives and dug up some photos my stepson Denis Brel in St. Petersburg, Russia sent me last year from when he was at a Kontinental Hockey League game involving hometown SKA (in blue) and their visitors for the evening, Vityaz Chekhov.

I think I can speak for most when I say we as North American hockey fans, and indeed hockey fans everywhere, are deeply saddened by the tragic events that have occurred, and I can only imagine what it must be like for someone like Denis, who lives there, who is a big KHL fan, and who follows the league closely.

So in honour of the fans in Russia, and for a glimpse into the KHL, here once again is a good old hockey game in St. Petersburg. (P.S. It ended in a shootout win for SKA).

14 thoughts on “Once Again, A Night In The KHL”

  1. Nice pictures and I see there are a ton of good seats available. I have to say though I’m not crazy about cheerleaders. Never have been. Although I will take them over Youppi anyday.

    It’s still a shock. Those poor people.

  2. Thank you Dennis!
    It’s hard blow across all Russia and the World. Many hockey players aren’t ready to leave on ice for game.
    Now about 30 players of different commands KHL are ready to play to a command the Locomotive Yaroslavl.
    Tretyak tries to make so that the first year other clubs paid for their game to help a command from Yaroslavl.

  3. Last post: …”Tretyak tries to make so that the first year other clubs paid for their game to help a command from Yaroslavl”…

    Preliminary time became known there has begun ceremony of farewell to the lost players, trainers and workers of “Locomotive”. It is planned that it will begin at 11:00 (Moscow time) on Saturday, on September, 10th, on “Arene-2000-Lokomotiv”.

  4. Darth, I’ve never been a fan of cheerleaders in hockey either. Football abd basketball, yes. Hockey, no. They have them in Carolina and Edmonton. Youppi brings me back to the great days of the Expos. Geez I miss the Expos.

  5. Chris, when I’m owner I’m bringing in the female Dancing With The Stars pros to do some hot numbers between periods.

  6. It’d be better than the current stuff at the intermissions at the Bell Centre:

    There’s the t-shirt cannon, the Pom sponsored “dance-off’, the “kiss cam”, and Youppi antics.

    They do have a 5 minute game with really little kids. They’re like around 5 or so. It’s pretty funny to watch. That’d I’d keep.

  7. Dennis, here is a report from the English-language service of RT on the ceremony held on Saturday in Jaroslavl to honour the Lokomotiv players.

    The first video on the page looks at how fans are reacting to the tragedy while the second one shows people, (including former Russian President and current Prime Minister Vladimir Putin) paying their respects in the arena where the fallen Lokomotiv players played their last game.

    You can tell people are just heartbroken. I can’t imagine how I’d feel if we lost our Habs in such a way.

    Our hearts go out to everyone who loved the Lokomotiv hockey players and staff lost in this accident.


  8. Thanks for that Danno. I hope they rebuid quickly and win the Gagarin Cup very soon. And I agree, it’s totally unimaginable to think how we’d feel.

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