On The Edge Of A Slump

Once again it could’ve been a beauty. Thoroughly outplayed in the first, regroup in the second, come on strong, and do the dramatics.

Didn’t happen. The thing went pfftt.

St. Louis came from behind in the third period after the Canadiens had jumped into a 2-1 lead in the middle frame, but Tomas Plekanec couldn’t beat Jaroslav Halak on a penalty shot with 49 seconds left in the third, and then the Blues did something the Habs couldn’t – they scored in the shootout.

Carey Price played really well. but he doesn’t seem to have a handle on shootouts. Or is it just my imagination?

The good thing is, it’s a point in the standings. The bad thing is, it’s only a point. And once again, our offensive guns were firing marshmallows with a slingshot.

With a game that featured David Desharnais as a healthy scratch and Alex Galchenyuk being tried at centre, the Canadiens fell behind in the first when Douglas Murray flubbed things and handed the puck away. I don’t have much to say about this guy. I’ve said it in the past.

But just one question lingers. Of all the big and strong defencemen around the globe, from rinks far and wide, is he the best we could come up with for depth and muscle?

Just visit cold and damp arenas around the country at 11 o’clock at night. There’s a bunch of hardrock guys playing some mighty fine senior hockey who can skate, thump, and handle the puck better than Douglas Murray. They’d do it for the league minimum in a heartbeat. They’d do it for a six-pack of Molsons.

Rene Bourque tied things up in the second on a nice play by Andrei Markov who drove for the net, and Michael Bournival let go a blast from the top of the circle that put the good guys ahead and teased us all into thinking David could actually slay Goliath.

But the Blues didn’t quit, Montreal couldn’t bury them with an insurance marker, the score would be tied, and in the shootout….well… I don’t want to talk about it.

Random Notes:

The Canadiens set a new NHL record by blocking 38 shots, which is an amazing accomplishment. But with two previous losses and now a single point, the team suddenly finds themselves spinning their wheels, with Washington, the Islanders, and Ottawa stepping on their heels.

Shots on goal  – St. Louis 32, Montreal 27.

Next up – a huge game on Thursday, a rare Hockey Night in Canada weekday affair, with the Habs in Ottawa.


10 thoughts on “On The Edge Of A Slump”

  1. I don’t know what happens in practice, but we really need to be concentrating on a few things.

    Forwards to score on a shoot out, penalty shot, break away, and for the goalies to stop them.

    How to win a $@%#% face-off. We were a combined 36% (27 for 75). St. Pierre was our only player with a winning average.

  2. Only saw from the third period on. Coach should lobby fo other teams net to be bigger–so the boys could aim better!! The overtime circus of trying to get out their own end was comical-no–SICKENING!!!!!I was expecting them to take a shot at Price just to round out the ineptitude!!! If it’s and buts were candy and spice, woudn’t we all be sweet and nice——-” # 22 ended that phrase with some unprintable words of his take on a particular game back as coach of the original Jets.

  3. It was Pleks who had the penalty shot (rather lame attempt, if you ask me), but honestly, after watching the game, I was left with the distinct impression that Montreal lost to a much better hockey team. The Blues are deeper, bigger and tougher. Dare I say it–they are also better coached. I don’t know what else to say.

  4. Really weak around the net and finishing, Peter. They’re never going to go anywhere if they don’t start burying their chances. Drives me crazy to see them miss the net or have it deflected.

  5. Hey Habs fans ….I just read this front page blog on the TSN site called “How will the Subban Saga End” …..What the heavens is going on in Hab_Land….I thought everyone was tickled pink that PK has signed and the dressing room is straightened out….Seems like some kind of soap opera reopening in Habland over PK…Whats up??

  6. LFIO, the PK Subban saga is a mystery to many Habs fans, because a lot of us cannot understand what the coaching staff is doing with him. He is the reigning Norris Trophy winner and a force at both ends of the ice, and yet he can’t get as much as ice time as a 34-year old with bad knees (Markov) or a kleenex-soft defenseman who can be pushed around by just about everyone (Diaz), and only a hair more ice time than a 38-year old who has lots of heart but moves slower than molasses. In the last four minutes of a game against a Western power, he can’t even get on the ice. I don’t get it at all. Here’s what I DO get, however: If I’m PK Subban, I’m not signing any contract extension, not with a coach who won’t play me. I think that the list of teams who would be more than happy to sign him and play him more includes every team not coached by Michel Therrien. Here’s a nightmare for us Habs fans: Can you imagine him in, say, Boston, playing in front of his brother (or Tukka Rask), or in Toronto, his hometown, playing alongside Dion Phaneuf? It could happen if this keeps up.

  7. I personally have seen PK make some plays in the superman mode. You Hab fans have a thoroughbred on your hands….. If Therrien wants him as a stay at home defenceman it is a total waste of this talent. PK should be a strong part of the Habs offence by properly having a defensive forward cover for him as he frequently becomes part of the rush…I also understand he is not going to be picked for the Olympic team…I mean he won the Norris trophy…
    Is he that bad defensively ?……The blog implies he still rubs his teammates the wrong way…

  8. There have always been the rumours that he doesn’t get along well with his teammates. I don’t know about that; he and Carey Price seem very tight. Regardless, I can only see this ending two ways: 1) Therrien leaves, voluntarily or not, and PK re-signs, or 2) Therrien sticks around, in which case PK will be wearing a different uniform next season. As a Leafs fan, you will love that, I’m sure. Montreal fans will be up in arms, because in addition to being the Habs’ best player, PK Subban is also the team’s most popular player, and arguably the most popular athlete in the city.

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