On The Chilly Side

Welcome to Montreal, Phoenix Coyotes.

Where it’s presently -27 C.

If you were back home in Phoenix, it’ll get to a high of 24 C today, or 76 F.

But it’s a dry cold here so it’s not cold at all. You won’t need a coat or hat.

I haven’t been in weather like this in 18 or 19 years. Since I was in Calgary. And I had no idea until I tried to buy a block heater for my car that I don’t need one anymore. It seems that engine metal now is different than the metal in older cars. So apparently I never have to plug my car in anymore.

It’s so warm in Montreal you don’t even have to plug your car in!





5 thoughts on “On The Chilly Side”

  1. I can handle it, Ian. I worked outside in this type of thing for 20 years. All I have to do now is get to the car or store.

  2. Been to Phoenix, you step out of an air conditioned airplane into a blast of heat like someone opened an oven. You just don’t move fast or you break into a full body sweat. Dennis we have gone through a stretch here where we were hitting -30 WITHOUT the windchill. You know the expression “cold enough to freeze the balls off a brass monkey”, well that’s us right now.
    By the way it sounds like the third period was the team’s best in a while.

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