On A Winter Afternoon……

I have two excellent links to give you today.

The first was sent to me from a fellow you’ve probably seen in the comments sections of Habs Inside/Out. Ian Cobb is 67 years old, used to look after the Habs’ kids at the Forum in the late 1950’s, has very little education, and only learned to read and write five years ago or so. But make no mistake – this is one smart dude. When chatting with him on the phone I found an extremely intelligent and well-spoken gentleman who not only loves the Canadiens but is a man active with some ex-pros in trying to teach about concussions and spinal injuries. 

Here’s the website Ian forwarded to me. These folks are doing a nice and important thing here – Play It Cool.com

Next up is an excellent story in the Atlantic sent to me from Danno that looks at the fall from grace by the NHL and how it’s time now for the league to pretty well get its shit together. Here’s the piece – Slide Into Big Trouble. Great article.

2 thoughts on “On A Winter Afternoon……”

  1. extraordinarily comfortable? what a weird way to describe how one feels about a routine decision. a level of comfort rarely achieved ……………. i was taught as a child it was wrong to hate but i am EXTRAORDINARILY COMFORTABLE in saying, i dislike mr. buttman immensely………………. i have my new phrase for the week.

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