Old-Time Hockey – And I Mean Old

1929 was the time of Howie Morenz, Eddie Shore, Ace Bailey, Aurele Joliat, Dit Clapper, Lester Patrick, and so many greats of the game.

It was a ten-team league at this time – Montreal, Toronto, Ottawa, the Montreal Maroons, and the NY Americans in the Canadian Division, and Boston, the Rangers, the Detroit Cougars, Chicago, and the Pittsburgh Pirates in the American Division.

This minute and a half home video from 1929 features Chicago and Toronto, and is a fascinating little look at the good old hockey game from so long ago. (And back then, it was the Chicago Black Hawks, not the Chicago Blackhawks. The name was altered in the 1980’s.)

And the ice cleaners at the end of the clip are something to behold.

4 thoughts on “Old-Time Hockey – And I Mean Old”

  1. that’s a great clip, especially the ice cleaners. it almost looks as if we could have played in the nhl then…………. i didn’t realize the black hawks changed to blackhawks so recently. why did they do that?

  2. Hobo, here’s what Wikipedia says – in 1985–86, while going through the team’s records, someone discovered the team’s original NHL contract, and found that the name “Blackhawks” was printed as a compound word as opposed to two separate words (“Black Hawks”) which was the way most sources had been printing it for 60 years and as the team had always officially listed it. The name officially became “Chicago Blackhawks” from that point on.

  3. Amazing old footage.
    That ice without modern refrigeration and Zambonis was still better than Florida’s. I’d also love to see the Panther Ice Dancers doing that ice cleaning.

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