Old, Old School Poem About Aurele Joliat To Put A Smile On Your Face

A while back, a reader name Doug wrote and asked if I’d ever heard of an old school poem from years ago about Aurele Joliat. I hadn’t, but lo and behold, a fellow named Gordon saw my Joliat story (Jan. 14, 2008) and Doug’s comment, and indeed, he remembers the poem. He even remembers most of the words. 

Here it is! Other poets, eat your heart out! 



Maroons, they have good hockey team
Those Maple Leafs is nice
But Les Canadiens they are the best
That ever skate de ice

Morenz, he go like one big storm
Sil Mantha’s big and fat
They all are good but none is quite
So good as Joliat

Joliat, he is my friend
I don’t know him myself
But I knows a man who knows a man
Who knows him very well

So when I tire of traival trop
I put on coat of coon
And go to see Les Canadiens
Make mincemeat of Maroon

That was a very exciting game
The score she was a tie
And then my little Joliat
He get hanger in his eye

He take him puck at other end
And skate him down so fast
The rest of players seem dormir
As he is going past

That was the winning goal hurrah
The game she come to end
I yell bravo for Joliat
You see he is my friend


Please note: I’ve found the complete version. http://dennis-kane.com/the-complete-and-wonderful-aurele-joliat-poem/

21 thoughts on “Old, Old School Poem About Aurele Joliat To Put A Smile On Your Face”

  1. Dennis,

    I was thinking of you and all the other habs fans on your blog today while i was in a card/memorabilia store in naniamo. I bought myself one of the rarest Aural Joliat hockey cards produced. there is only 25 of them ever produced and in the card is a piece of glove worn by Aural Joliat in an official Canadians game. Your gunna have to see this card one of these days.

  2. Dennis,

    Im not a closet habs fan, i bleed canucks green blue and white but as much trash as i may talk sometimes, i do respect the history and tradition of the habs and being the hockey memorabilia collector that i am, i wouldnt have much of a collection if i didnt have montreal canadians items in it.

  3. My Grade 5 teacher in Wpg in the early 70s actually did use this poem in one of our Language Arts classes. Lost my copy over the years and good to have finally found the words. Liked it then and still like it.

  4. Hello to all: This is probably my favourite poems of all time! As a Grade 9 student at Stamford Collegiate in Niagara Falls, ON in the early 1950s, we had a general assembly, and the author of this poem was our speaker. His last name was Wison, and I will never forget it. To this day, I have an autographed copy of his book, that is filled with Quebecois slany poetry, including the poem about Joliet!! It is one of my most prized possessions, and is in perfect condition. Whenever I read it, the poetry brings tears to my eys. Found this site quite by accident..Thanks so much

  5. Thanks Peggy. It’s such a great poem. I’m really happy you found it and thanks for your story.

  6. It is not a bad rendition, but there are several differences. I first heard this in Montreal when Mr. Vogel presented it to the class; the first stanza noted Boston, not Maroons, and there was another line that went “an when he shoot, the wind from her h’it knock the h’umpire down”.

    Still looking for the whole text.

  7. found it!
    go to gohabs.freeforums.org/does-anyone-know-this-poem-t3631.html
    there are 18 stanzas and the entire poem has so much more to it.
    cheers, Go Habs Go!

  8. I’m hoping somebody who remembers the glory days of the six-team National Hockey Leaguecan help me with my question or search. I come from a family of 6 boys, most of who were Canadien fans. However for the couple who weren’t, it was great becasue we had some great conversations, debates and of course some good ole arguements as well.
    I recall, being the youngest of the six, back in the early to mid sixties my older brother, who was a Black Hawk fan, reading to me a comical poem he had cut out of the newspaper we had delivered to out village home at that time. The paper was the Ottawa Journal and the poem my brother cut out and read aloud at the supper table that eveing back in the sixties made us all laugh even though the nature of the poem poked fun at les Habitants in a funny sort of way. I asked my brother if I could have the poem but of course being a Hawks fan and living in Quebec, he declined because he knew full well he had found a gem. Now I never did find out the name of the poem or who wrote the poem which poked fun at les Canadiens club de hockey but if anyone out there knows the one I’m referring to, I would appreciate your feedback or help in finding out the title of it and maybe where I can locate it at this time.
    Thank you.

  9. Hi Geoff, aside from the Joliat poem, I can’t recall another but I’m hoping someone out there does. I’m curious too.

  10. Hi Dennis. If I’m ever fortunate enough to come across it, I’ll be sure to let you know of it and where you can read it as well. As I mentioned, it was a Canadian poem but rather one that poked fun at le club du Canadien. back when the original six was in full swing.

  11. Sorry I meant to say it was not a Canadien poem but rather one that poked fun at le club du Canadien.

  12. As far as I can remember, the title of the poem was des Montreal Maroons……it was written by Wilson McDonald……I have an autographed copy of the book of poems, which also included one called “De stop heme Short”…..extremely funny. Wilson McDonald was a guest speaker at my high school around 1959-1960 in Niagara Falls…….at the time he was well into his 80’s, and just the most memorable individual. If I can locate the book, I will try to get the proper titles to you.

  13. Thanks so much for sharing that with us Peggy and I would dearly appreciate it if you could post the title or email me the poemnm itself so I could read it.

  14. The poem is called, “Monsieur Joliat” and it can be found on page 328 in a basal reader titled “Story Caravan”, published by Holt, Rinehart and Winston of Canada Limited – Copyright 1962. On page 332 of the same book is another Wilson MacDonald poem called, “Pierre of Timagami in New York”.

  15. Ian, thanks for this info. I’ve had lots of inquiries about this and now I have some sort of answer.

  16. I grew up in Winnipeg in the ’60’s and ’70’s, and I have a vague memory of adapting a poem about Aurele Joliat into a play and performing it at the Playhouse Theatre when I was about 7 or 8 years old. I can’t really remember how it went, but thanks for posting this! I did become fascinated with the early days of the NHL, and legends such as Howie Morenz, Syl Apps, Joliat, Georges Vezina, the Conachers and the whole shooting match of early days NHL.

  17. I’m fascinated by all of it too, Stephen. Very different times. I was lucky enough to drink some beer with Joliat at the Prescott Hotel in Ottawa in the 1980s, and I drove him home afterwards. I’m very proud of that.

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