Old Habs Pose With The Man Responsible For Their Wives Getting Pregnant


Hab greats Henri Richard, Dickie Moore, Claude Provost and Jean Beliveau show their hipness as they pose with legendary crooner Perry Como.

For those of you who are too young or just not up on your music history, Perry Como went from being a barber to an international singing sensation in the 1950’s. He was as relaxing as they come. In fact, so relaxing, I’m falling asleep just talking about him.

SCTV did a really funny bit on Como where he sings his hits in bed and laying on the couch etc.

My mother and father really liked him. I preferred a bit more up-tempo stuff. Heck, almost anything was more up-tempo than Perry Como’s music. Elevator music is heavy metal compared to him.

But the Habs liked him. I’ll even go as far as saying that the Pocket, Moore, Provost and Beliveau probably even made out with their wives to Perry Como’s music.

4 thoughts on “Old Habs Pose With The Man Responsible For Their Wives Getting Pregnant”

  1. And you listened to “I want to hold your hand’ or “Everybody must get stoned” to get you in the mood!!!

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