Old Faithful

I’d like to give a quick shout-out to someone who’s been part of this blog since the beginning, but in the past few years has been rarely seen and is now mostly forgotten.


Gaston was made by a friend of my dad’s. I don’t know how many the man made, but he gave two to my dad, who promptly painted them in Habs uniforms, gave them faces, and handed one to me and one to my brother. I named mine Gaston because it thought it was a solid French-Canadian name.

I used Gaston often. I often took him on trips with me, and on these pages showed him outside of San Quentin Penitentiary, at the corner of Haight-Ashbury and at the site of the Woodstock Festival and various other places, all the while explaining that although he was a great Habs fan, he was also quite an asshole with a checkered past.

Gaston doesn’t make an appearance very much anymore. I think he wore out his welcome. But there’s a bunch of stories involving him over in the Categories section if you feel so inclined.

I just wanted to take this opportunity to recognize and say thank you to Gaston. He was a major player on this site for a long time and he deserves it.

11 thoughts on “Old Faithful”

  1. Hey Dennis!

    This reminds me. Whatever happened to Jack Schitt?

    It’s a shame, but some of you may not know Jack Schitt. 🙂

  2. Yes Danno. Jack Schitt. Long before the CBC show came along. Jack sits on a shelf here, doing just fine. His problem was he wasn’t a bad boy like Gaston. And you know how girls love bad boys.

  3. Mecri, Gaston!

    On the subject of Jack Schitt, I had the NBC feed last night and missed the opportunity to walk out on Jack’s brother Don’t Know during his Coaches Corner diatribe… I imagine he was just ga-ga over the Broo-uns or the Laffs magic comeback over Buffalo. Did I miss anything beyond his usual stupid?

  4. Mike, Don’s lecture last night was about how Nazem Kadri had been humiliated by the coach and when his contract expires he’ll be gone because he doesn’t deserve such treatment as being sat for a few games because he was late for a meeting or practice. Don also told us once again that he knows more about hockey than anyone out there.

  5. Mike and Chris. Loved your Gaston comments. Not sure if Gaston did, though. He just won’t admit that he has lots of personal problems.

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