Old Equals New; Martin And Cunneyworth in 2008

Sent over from Danno, this from the Hockey News in 2008, when Jacques Martin was coaching the Panthers. Martin would join the Habs a year later, on June 1, 2009.

Analysis: Panthers should look to Cunneyworth to replace Martin as coach

Ryan Kennedy               2008-04-11 11:34:40

With Jacques Martin on his way out as coach of the Florida Panthers – it’s up to him whether he’ll stay on as GM – the list of potential replacements is already unfurling itself.
And the best candidate may be one already attached to the organization.
Randy Cunneyworth has groomed scores of NHLers for both Florida and the Buffalo Sabres as coach of the American League’s Rochester Americans, who were jointly affiliated with both teams before a falling out with Buffalo this year.
Part of the reason the Sabres were able to graduate talent such as Derek Roy, Thomas Vanek and Jason Pominville so seamlessly was because of the work Cunneyworth put in as an AHL coach. On the Florida side, David Booth and Kamil Kreps are two emerging talents who honed their craft in upstate New York.
Now, there have also been rumblings Ottawa could be interested in Cunneyworth’s services. In fact, he was a prime candidate last season, but the Sens went instead with John Paddock. And we all know how that turned out.

Would Cunneyworth rather go to a team that spurned him once before?
Despite a lack of playoff pedigree, Florida at least gives the former NHLer a chance to put his own stamp on a team that is young and on the incline.
And in grooming prospects such as Anthony Stewart and Stefan Meyer, Cunneyworth already has an inside perspective on where the team is depth-wise going into next season.
Before internal strife between the Amerks and Sabres (and the fact Buffalo has called up every prospect possible in the past two years) helped fry Rochester’s current season, Cunneyworth’s teams were very competitive and he was always lauded for his ability to prepare players for the NHL.
The Panthers could jump on the same tired Pat Quinn/Bob Hartley/whoever-else-was-just-fired carousel, or they could give a proven developer his first NHL coaching position.

8 thoughts on “Old Equals New; Martin And Cunneyworth in 2008”

  1. This is an interesting little read. Funny how life works out.

    I don’t know what will happen past this season but one thing I hope they do not do is get Patrick to coach this team. If they do, this team will be even worse next year. I’m pretty sure Gauthier will be gone this year (he did himself in) and Molson will need to start from scratch again. I just hope he chooses wisely and doesn’t let the media pick. Roy will be a terrible pick.

    I’m a fan of his, but coaching this team in this market? No way. I’d say let him coach Colorado for a few years then maybe think about it but even then he’s way too much of a hot-head.

  2. Hiring Roy would be a big mistake. Like Dennis said, he has quite the temper and there are reports about him being abusive. Maybe he has gotten away with things in the Q but I doubt players at the NHL level would be impressed by his tantrums.

  3. I think Cunneyworth should wear a fedora. You have to picture him behind the bench like this. It would be awesome.I think the fans would love it and the province culture cops would also like it. Maybe even embrace him.

  4. Hey Dennis,Cunny with a fedora,sounds like a hat box.Give Randy a chance,afterall he is just a replacement so far and it would be in his intrest to take up the french language,good for him.You know,there arent that mant french players playing for the Habs anymore and the ones that are can speak english I’m sure.I believe that he should speak the language as I’m sure the Leafs or Canuck fand wouldnt appreciate a tottaly french coach,as for Roy…great goalie but not for the Habs.I think he would be like a Mario Tremblay and alienate players the way he did.

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