Okay, Who’s The Bastard?

Whoever it was who didn’t eat his vegetables and then probably got drunk one night and walked home without his pants on and ended up getting a cold and flu which immediately spread throughout Montreal and hit the Habs’ David Desharnais and Raphael Diaz and probably other players too and then made its way to me and knocked me flat on my back and on a diet of tomato soup and ginger ale and now that I’m feeling somewhat better has my kind and loving wife shivering and coughing and wrapped in blankets as her nose runs, should feel very ashamed of himself and it’s just too bad he doesn’t live in Pittsburgh where the Canadiens play the Pens who have eleven more points than the Habs and where Crosby and Malkin and the rest are probably perfectly healthy but it might not matter anyway because as Marjo points out, if the boys continue their win, lose, win, lose, then they’ll win in Pittsburgh regardless of the fact the germ-spreading bastard doesn’t live there.


9 thoughts on “Okay, Who’s The Bastard?”

  1. Your sense of humor is one of a kind. Honestly, where does that come from???
    It’s probably the players themselves that are spreading it. The perpetual travelling millionaires. And if you’re involved in hockey in any shape or form, you’re doomed. As you were.

  2. Okay I don’t think this guy is your “Bastard” but there is a guy in town Dennis who is selling a signed and framed Beliveau jersey for $750. I thought given your current employment you might know if that is reasonable or not.

  3. D-John, $750 is quite high. We have a lot of signed jerseys in our showroom and Beliveau’s is $250. But it’s the frame that’s pricey, with at least $300 added. So $550 or $600 is more of a fair price.

  4. A good home remedy for when you have a cold is to make a tea by boiling a fresh chopped ginger root and then adding honey and lemon.

    But brandy is dandy too…

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