Okay, Where’s Your Tattoo?

Here it is, my brand new tattoo, done a few days ago at Venice Beach, just down the road from the Santa Monica Pier. Isn’t this much better than hula girls and names of girlfriends you broke up with last year?

Not only that, while going for a dip in the pool in Redding California where it’s a toasty 35 degrees celcius, a guy nearby called out, “Hey, a Montreal Canadiens tattoo!” He was the first to notice it, this fellow from Kamloops, BC, who stated emphatically that he’s not a Canucks fan and that my tattoo looked excellent.

I’m proud of my new arm artwork, and if there’s anyone else out there who has a Habs tattoo, please send me a photo to post at dlkane@shaw.ca.

Also, while sitting at Bleachers sports bar across the street from our Redding hotel, I read this big sign on the wall. Aside from the flash glare, I’m assuming you can see the problem. If not, look closer.

13 thoughts on “Okay, Where’s Your Tattoo?”

  1. Tattoos are for things you will love and will be proud of for the rest of your life. Can’t go wrong with the CH.

  2. Didn’t hurt much at all, Danno. Just a little prickly. But of course I’m from Orillia so maybe that’s why.

  3. Wanted to get one for long time, Chris. That’s right, couldn’t go wrong with the CH. It’s the only design I’ve ever thought about for my tattoo, except for maybe my kids’ names.

  4. Dennis, now that you have a tattoo, you’ve been spending lots of time in bars. A motorcycle is sure to follow. (What’s that, you’re only in bars because you’re on vacation?!) CH tat looks great. The sign printer must have been drinking specail beer before work. 🙂

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